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Pros Run Through Their Favorite Hair-Growth Enhancers

Pros Run Through Their Favorite Hair-Growth Enhancers Botanical Basis Before Columbia, MD dermatologist Chesahna Kindred, MD recommends any in-office treatment, she starts her hair-loss patients on daily Nutrafol ($79) supplements. “In my hair-growth protocol, Nutrafol is at the foundational level because its targeted approach addresses multiple root causes of hair loss, such...

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The Importance of Healthy Habits in Hair Loss Prevention

At Ziering Medical, we firmly believe in promoting hair health and vitality along with addressing hair loss as early as possible. Preventing hair shedding and loss from developing in the first place is the best way to fight hair loss. Here are healthy habits as well as products and treatments...

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Grace Gold: Spring Beauty Preview

Dr. Z Mentioned in CT STYLE | Grace Gold: Spring Beauty Preview   NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Spring is right around the corner, and today we’re bringing you simple beauty tricks to help shake off those winter blues. Joining us with more is Beauty Expert Grace Gold. 1. Brightening...

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Top 5 Ways to Give Your Scalp Some Love

By treating your hair right and giving it the proper care it deserves, you will not only preserve it and stave off hair loss, you will also help your hair and scalp flourish. In this article, your trusted hair care and restoration experts at Ziering Medical will discuss the best...

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Medical Hair Restoration Using Finasteride and Propecia

iering Medical offers non-invasive and non-surgical treatments for hair loss for those whose hairlines have  not reached the point where hair transplants are required. These products and therapies are also ideal for those who are not interested in undergoing invasive or surgical procedures. These include products that use Finasteride and...

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MDEE: The Next Stage of Hair Transplants

Ziering Medical utilizes many technologies and methods to achieve optimum hair restoration for our patients. This includes Microscopically Dissected Elliptical Excision (MDEE) or strip harvest procedures, which remains a good choice because it may  deliver the highest yield  of harvested hair grafts per session. There are many benefits of MDEE...

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