As hair restoration technology continues to advance, the difference between a good outcome and a great outcome relies increasingly on the experience, skill, and artistry of the surgeon.

While a procedure may be deemed clinically successful by simply moving the hair from the back of the head to balding and thinning areas, true aesthetic success is only achieved by mastering the artistic aspect of this life transforming procedure.

Dr. Ziering is gifted in both the technical and artistic dimensions of hair loss surgery. Not only is his unique skill affirmed by his outstanding patient results, but also by a board of his peers who seek to understand and emulate his natural ability. For the past two years the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons has asked Dr. Ziering to teach his fellow surgeons the basics of natural hairline design and speak on the artistic sense he has developed over his 20 years in the field.

It is this artistic talent in conjunction with technical expertise that has become the standard for every Ziering Surgeon around the globe. Only those that exhibit a keen aesthetic eye are hand-picked by Dr. Ziering to join our practice and work with our patients toward their hair restoration goals.

To achieve their outstanding results, Dr. Ziering and all Ziering surgeons employ the three dimensional art of TrichoSculpture (hair sculpture). Using classical principals of design and the unique bone and facial structure of each patient, donor hairs are placed with the precision and artistry of a sculptor restoring balance, symmetry, and depth to the crown of the head. The end result is a more distinguished head of hair and renewed patient confidence.

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