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Cutting-Edge Injection Therapy

Exosomes are one of the newest hair loss solutions on the market. Ziering Medical now administers exosome scalp injections, which are considered more effective and deliver more consistent results than PRP and other options that can cause inflammation.  Unlike PRP, Exosome injections do not require drawing a patient’s blood or administering anesthesia to the patient’s treatment area. Exosome injections are similar to Z-Factors, which is a rich source of biologically active growth factors.

Exosomes Can Help Fight Hair Loss

At Ziering Medical, we offer a wide range of oral, topical and surgical options to fight hair loss and regrow natural hair, but we’re constantly expanding our capabilities with new and cutting-edge technologies. Today, we have the power of Exosomal therapy, which is a highly potent form of stem cell therapy. The process is clinically proven to regenerate human tissue and can be used to prevent pattern baldness.

Exosomes are cell-derived vesicles that contain Messenger (mRNA) and Micro RNA (miRNA). When extracted from Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), exosomes also contain a number of other important growth factors:

  • SCF: enables stem cell and melanocyte growth
  • TGFß3: converts inflammatory T Cells into anti-inflammatory regulatory T cells
  • VEGF: stimulates blood vessel formation
  • MIP-1: recruits mononuclear cells to the scalp
  • FGF: this potent growth factor affects a variety of cells
Size of Cell

Exosomes are 1/1000th the size of a cell and have more than 1,000 signaling proteins:

  • Anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • Angiogenic growth factors
  • Anti-tumor signals
  • Inhibit cell death
  • Regenerative & healing signals

The Messenger RNA functions as an “on switch,” and the Micro RNA functions as an “off switch,” for cell communication.

  • Messenger RNA (mRNA) – ON Switch                     
  • Turns on regenerative mechanisms
  • Turns on anti-inflammatory cytokines
  • Turns on angiogenic growth factors
  • Many other signals
  • Micro RNA (miRNA) – OFF Switch
  • Turns off chronic inflammatory cytokines
  • Turns off matrix catabolic enzymes
  • Many other signals
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When your Ziering surgeon injects exosomes directly to the scalp, the exosomes tell your cells to deliver mRNA and force other cells to make proteins that repair damage or regulate genes. The full benefits of Exosomal therapy may take months to emerge, and as with any medical treatment, results will vary from patient to patient, but we consider this very promising technology.  For many patients, Exosomal therapy is prescribed in conjunction with Z-Factors injections, Laser therapy and/or non-surgical products like ZMin and ZFin.

Exosomal therapy is the hair restoration treatment of the future and you’re invited to schedule a private consultation with Ziering Medical to determine if you’re a good candidate for this new treatment.

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Z-Factors(medical services, namely administering a protein-based shot) is a service offered at Ziering Medical that includes the administration of a protein-based injection into a patient’s balding and thinning areas to stimulate hair regrowth. It is recommended as a stand-alone non-surgical hair restoration treatment option and also in combination with hair transplant surgery. It includes a liquid allograft of rich biologically active growth factors with amniotic origin known to enhance tissue regeneration and speed wound healing. The two primary cell lines in the amnion are human mesenchymal stromal cells (hMSC) and human amnion epithelial cells (hAEC). Both of these cells are considered to be pluripotent stem cells. The Amnio-Z shot does not require any anesthesia and is typically a series of three (3) injections unless the extent of a patient’s hair loss and the size of the treatment zone does not warrant or require the full series. In this instance, one (1) or two (2) injections may suffice. Routine Amnio-Z treatments may be required to maintain results.

Real Results

Ziering hair restoration non surgical Amino Z | Ziering Medical | West Hollywood CA, Newport Beach CA, New York NY, Greenwich CT, Las Vegas NV

Z-Factors results, pictured from above.

With the help of Ziering Medical, you will learn all there is to know about what causes hair loss and discover the best solution for you.  Click below to schedule a consultation.

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