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Ziering Medical and Dr. Craig Ziering are frequently featured in prominent publications and media outlets worldwide.

The natural looking results created by our staff of expertly trained hair restoration specialists are drawing the attention of medical professionals, anti-aging advocates, reality television programs and others.

You can see these results for yourself in the photo galleries or live, in person, at one of our in-house demonstrations performed by Ziering Medical Surgeon.

On the subsequent pages, you’ll find articles from medical publications featuring Dr. Ziering’s techniques, as well as details on all the Ziering Medical events we have scheduled.

How Your Hair Changes With Age — and How to Take Care of It

Hair doesn’t change when you reach a certain age — it’s technically always in a state of fluctuation. But, we can protect hair from some of the potential damage effects aging can cause. Up ahead, find out more about how hair changes with age, including some hair care musts for...

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Female Hair Loss or Alopecia, Its Causes and Treatments

According to the International Journal of Women's Dermatology female pattern hair loss or FPHL is the most common form of alopecia or hair loss to affect women. Around 30% of women experience some type of thinning hair in their lives and beyond the physical impact of hair loss there can...

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