Ziering Whorl Transplant Results

Take a look at our before and after hair transplant photos.*

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2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

2724 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 28, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 9 Months Post-Op.

*Individual results may vary


I was highly impressed with the professionalism and the attention to detail throughout the entire Ziering staff. The technology for the extraction procedure is advanced and efficient, and the staff’s top priority is keeping the patient comfortable. Dr. Ziering is very skilled, and designed a flawless hairline.

Eric H.

I went to see Dr. Ziering because I liked the website and what he was trying to do frankly. No referral, I took a risk and I was right: I am thrilled with every part of the process from initial meeting to plan to time with Craig to the actual surgery, follow up and results. Results even better than I thought. EVERYONE says how natural the look is.

M. Geiger
Barry Landon

I first started to deny losing my hair when I was in my early 20s. Waking up every morning to my precious hairs all over my pillow was devastating, but still I was in denial.
It wasn’t until several years later that I held a mirror over my head and saw skin showing through my hair I thought, “I’m going bald.” It started at the crown and very slowly (as to torture me) worked its way to the front, completely wiping out my hair line leaving me with this little embarrassing island of hair, about the size of a half dollar at the very center top front of my head known in the medical profession as a “tuff.”
And life was just that, ‘TUFF’ because all my friends, family, and peers still had their hair and didn’t have to rely on tight hair cuts every 7-10 days with a hat to go along with it. Needless to say, this was a huge confidence killer in so many obvious ways. It wasn’t until I found myself being asked to take off my hat on a ride at an amusement park and seeing the negative looks from those around me, that I decided to take action to try and correct my not so amusing problem.
So after nearly 30 years of tight hair cuts, hats, low confidence, and unfriendly looks, I decided to make the call to Dr. Craig Ziering- which turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Dr. Ziering was professional, polite, patient with great people skills, and extremely understanding of my needs and expectations. Dr. Ziering took a realistic approach as to what he could and could not do to help me as a unique individual with my particular challenge. He never made promises he couldn’t keep, and was never pushy. Having done my homework on the subject of hair restoration, it was an easy choice to go with a man who is a pioneer in his field of expertise with many years of experience and satisfied customers, coupled with a glow of confidence from the moment he enters the room.
I spent years telling myself it was alright to be bald and people would just have to except me for who I am. The flaw in my thinking is that I couldn’t even except myself for who I was -a prematurely balding man. Life for me is WAY! better with hair than it was without it because now when I speak to people I look them in the eye, not down and away.
They say a picture is worth a 1000 words so rather than try to convince anyone as to why they should consider a similar procedure, I’ll just let my before and after pics do all the talking…and yes, I wish I would have done it sooner.

Markus B.

When I was 19 years old, I started losing my hair. I was very self-conscious about it.

Most of the hair on top of my head was gone by my fortieth year. By that time I had a comb over from one side.

Of course I wasn’t fooling anyone. On a windy day my “lovely” strands would often roll over across my head and hang down below my left cheek. I looked like a one-eared Basset hound.

As time went on I elected to sport a “hair system,” today’s politically correct phrase for a toupee. Again, I wasn’t fooling anyone…unless they were as blind as a bat. So often when I was talking to people, or meeting them for the first time, their eyes would dart from my eyes up to my forehead and back to my eyes again. I know what they were thinking. I was not only uncomfortable, but it limited me with physical activities. Ah, but the best was yet to come. One time I was swimming in a public pool and before I realized it, the “rug” came off my head and floated up to the top before I surfaced. When I did, some smart-mouthed kid yelled to me by saying, “Hey, Mister! You lost your summit duster!” Of course the pool was crowded and most people pretended they didn’t notice anything. I was never – and I mean never – so embarrassed in my life. When I went home that day, I cut up the divot and threw it in the garbage can.

Then I decided to have my hair medically restored. It was the best decision I made in my life.

Although I had two procedures with another medical group and received good results, I discovered Dr. Ziering. He is one of a handful of physicians who can actually, and most skillfully, transplant hair on the temples, as well as replace eyebrows and eyelashes…and you can never tell because it looks so natural.

In my case, Dr. Ziering enhanced my temples as well as built up my hairline and filled in the crown. His work is amazing! I was kept quite comfortable by the wonderful staff at Ziering Medical throughout the whole procedure, which lasted about four hours. I had a little over a thousand grafts. In fact, one of the nurses put a DVD movie on for me to watch and I fell asleep! How about that?

Now it has been five months since my procedure at Ziering Medical. The hair is starting to grow in and it looks like nature’s handiwork. I’m free to live my life without obstacles or limitations. I feel so good about myself…hallelujah!

Yes, I certainly would do it again. In fact, I plan on having one more procedure to fine tune, as it were, my crown of glory.

Thank you, Dr. Ziering and staff.

With warm regards,

Douglas H. Strang

Thank you SO much! It was a great experience! I have had many compliments from my friends and family, and my wife loves the new and improved model. I recommend anyone thinking of having a hair transplant to choose Ziering Medical. Dr.Phipps did a wonderful job! Thank you again.

Wynn O’Neill
Laguna Beach, CA

I had been thinking of getting a hair transplant as I was thinning out rapidly. I was recommended by a good friend to see Dr Glen Ross; the exact comment was he is a talented surgeon and a great guy. I was skeptical of surgery. I was scared people would notice I had a hair transplant done, and it would look worse than losing my hair. I had my consult with Dr Ross and he patiently told me what to expect; pros and cons to the surgery. I felt very comfortable with him, but still nervous to proceed with the surgery. I decided to go for it and get about 1600 grafts done, and I am very glad I did. Dr Ross was amazing and the results are really impressive. No one has any idea that anything was done. Hairline is improved and I am happy to be brushing more hair on my head. I couldn’t be happier with Dr Ross; great guy and a gifted surgeon.


My experience with Dr. Ziering was excellent on every level. The initial personal consultation by his staff and then the surgical procedure performed by him and his assistants was with the highest level of professionalism and thoroughness.

Hard to imagine, but they actually make the one day procedure reasonably enjoyable by their very personal attention and encouraging you to watch box office movies of your choice throughout most of the day! The recovery period is very well explained and they are readily available to address any further questions after the procedure is completed. I have now had a few procedures by Dr. Ziering in order to achieve the final result I desired and I absolutely guarantee that no one knows, can visually detect or would believe I have had a hair transplant! I look many, many years younger as a result! It is very evident to me as to why he is so highly regarded in his field and without any reservation

I highly recommend and endorse Dr. Ziering and his entire staff.

Brad B.

I started losing my hair in College. My family has a history of hair loss on my father and mothers side and I was determined to reverse the cycle. I began using Rogaine for about 5 years and then started taking Propecia. The loss was minimized but it still continued so I actually gave up on taking my medication as I figured it was inevitable, I would just accept my thinning hair.

This changed when my wife researched hair loss restoration options, and we were watching TV and saw some of the Extreme Makeover programs. Living in Las Vegas, I was excited to know that I could go meet the staff and learn about the process. The consultation was very informative and gave me the confidence to have the procedure. Almost a year to the day from my procedure, I am thrilled with the results. I get positive comments from friends who know me before and those who I haven’t seen in some time and they are always amazed at the results as I am. I would strongly encourage others to consider having this done as it will change your life in such a positive way. I personally would like to thank the team in Las Vegas for being so professional and the medical staff for working their magic as you changed my life and I am very grateful to all of you.

John A. Hillman
Las Vegas, NV

I want to take this time to thank you for the great care that was afforded me by the staff at The Ziering Medical Group. I was impressed by the high level of competence and professionalism shown by your entire staff. Because my procedure was conducted in such skillful and efficient manner, there was virtually no impact on my personal life.

Your pre and post operative instructions were accurate and thorough and aided my recovery beyond my most optimistic expectations.

I am extremely impressed by my results. My only regret was not having done the procedure sooner.

Thank you again and my best to your entire staff.


I first saw my scalp 3 1/2 years ago. I freaked out. I’m an actor and a red head, so there is a lot of identity in my hair. I did Propecia for 3 years and that helped a lot, but on my last film, photo’s showed I waslosing the battle with my hairline. I had to go all the was or accept the loss. I don’t give up without a fight, so I called every guy I knew and was surprised how many had done a hair transplant. They all told me it came down to the surgeon’s technique, microscope dissection and the subjective view of what looks natural. When I saw the “Ziering Whorl” on their website, it looked natural so I went in and had the procedure done over the holidays. When I first saw my buddies around day 5, none of them could believe how many grafts were done and how good I looked. They could barely notice any swelling. I’m excited to see my hair grow in and replace insecurity with confidence. I’m a guy and I don’t like being consumed with my hair, it’s boring. So now that its gonna come back, I can go back to being a guy and not care about my hair. Thanks!

Balthazar Ward
Toronto, Canada

I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I had surgery about one week ago, and it was as smooth as can be. The staff was warm, well educated on the entire process, and nurturing throughout the procedure. Dr. Ziering was great and the procedure was quick and without much discomfort. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. I will keep you updated on my progress.


It took me a couple of years to finally decided I wanted to try something other than pills to correct my hair loss. From the first visit with Dr. Ziering and his staff I was impressed. It just improved from there. All of the people involved with my particular case were just terrific. What a staff! This company GETS customer service! So what about the outcome? It’s been just about 5 months as of this writing. I could not be more pleased. I have hair! If I knew I was going to be this satisfied I would have honestly paid double. I still might.

These guys rock!

Jim Hale
Thousand Oaks

I’ve worked in Daytime Television for over twenty years. As an actor who is in front of the camera my hair has to be its best. I spent years searching for the doctor whose work could not be detected. Dr. Ziering is the Leonardo da Vinci of the hair restoration industry, having the artistic touch that no other doctor can match. I defy anyone to delineate between my transplanted micro grafts and my existing hair. My hairdresser of twenty years could not tell that I had had the procedure. To say that I am thrilled with the results would be an understatement.

Michael O’Leary

I am 39 years old and began losing the hairline on the crown of my head a few years ago. In addition my front hairline has also been receding slowly the past few years, but that hasn’t bothered me as much. I was recently given the opportunity to be one of the first patients to receive a long hair transplant from Dr. Ziering. He performed the procedure of the frontal hairline and brought my receding hairline down about 1/2 to one full inch. I must say the results are amazing. The long hair transplant was so beneficial for me, because I could see immediately what my hair line will look like once the hairs fall out and grow back a few months later. When I went to a Christmas party just a week later most of my friends noticed a difference in how I looked and asked me if I had changed my hair style. They all agreed that it did make me look younger which was great news to hear. I think Dr. Ziering is definitely on to something revolutionary with this new procedure.

The obvious benefit of this procedure is to see post-op full hair growth in the transplant area. In addition the hair stayed in for about 3-4 weeks after the procedure. I’ve had not problems or complications and now 3 months after the procedure, many hairs have grown in to full length while others are still in the growing process. Though I was a little hesitant at first about having a procedure, I would highly recommend Dr. Ziering to anyone that is considering having a transplant. Just sitting with him in the consultation you can tell that he is a visionary and an artist in his discipline. And to top that, his staff is a group of the most amazing people that you could ever meet in a medical office. They made me feel like I was the only patient there. In today’s busy environment you often feel like just a number when going to a medical office. Not at Ziering. These people are great.

Thank you so much!!

Chad Suggs
Los Angeles

Dr. Ziering has perfected the art of hair transplant; his technique has gained world wide acclaim for the most natural look ever. If any of our clientele has ever contemplated a hair transplant procedure I strongly recommend that you contact Dr. Ziering’s staff for more information. Over the years I have made it a practice not to endorse any product or procedure unless I have personally tried and am fully committed to that product or procedure. So it is my pleasure to say that as a colleague and as a patient of Dr. Ziering I give his medical organization a five star recommendation!

Larry Zuccolotto
CEO - Giovane Medical Health & Wellness Center

This has really been a great experience and it started with you! Dr. Ziering has a great team! Dr. Phipps is very funny! I love her sense of humor! Liz & Paola were great! They were both so kind and considerate and tried to make me as comfortable as possible throughout the day! Dr. Ziering has a great bedside manner and I really appreciated his kindness and his confidence in the results I will achieve.

Another happy patient.


While I can’t cheat time, I can certainly look my best living each day going forward. Thanks to Dr. Z and Ziering Medical staff, that’s possible now.

Jim Birmingham

I just want to thank Dr. Ziering and his staff. I am five months post surgery and getting very noticeable results. The proof was to hear my wife say, ‘it really filled in!’

It was personally gratifying to hear her say these words because she was a non-believer five months ago. I knew that the art and science of hair restoration would get me the results I was looking for.

Sales Executive

I would like to give my thanks and appreciation to Dr. Ziering and his staff. I recently underwent a procedure at his Newport Beach location and I must congratulate the staff and the doctor on their professionalism. They made a difficult situation much easier to live through. This was not my first time undergoing this procedure, but it was the best experience thus far. I would certainly recommend Dr. Ziering to my friends and family. My prior experiences made me feel that I was just another client, but Dr. Ziering and his caring staff made me feel at home and very comfortable. Dr. Ziering’s special technique and specialized tools and/or procedures also made the experience a worthwhile event. Anyone debating whether or not hair restoration is for them should definably consider consulting Dr. Ziering.

Peter Renteria
Garden Grove, CA
Christopher B.

I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for a very pleasant experience. I appreciate you and your able and courteous staff. A young lady called me on the evening of my surgery inquiring of my condition, satisfying herself that I was O.K. made me feel like you folks really care and go above and beyond even the highest care. I guess I could summarize my impression of you and your staff as genuinely outstanding and professional. Thanks again.

Police Officer

Today is day six after surgery and I can’t help but reflect on my unexpected experience. This letter is my expression of the deep trust and awe which I now have in all your abilities and technical skills.

The support team should all be proud of themselves and in my opinion deserve a raise or at minimum be treated by the team leader to a special meal of their choice for working beyond expectations with such great attitudes.

I especially enjoyed the sound of your laughter in the hall while waiting for me to return from a break (which you never took while working on me). Again, I can’t say enough about your humor, spirit and wonderful attitude that made my day unexpectedly special.

Dr. Ziering, you are truly at the top of your game – and it shows.

Jeffrey “No More Hat” Rodriguez

After being on the hair sidelines for many years, I decided to research the new techniques available. After meeting with several doctors and researching all of the options, the ARTAS Robotic FUE procedure made the most sense for me. I like to change up my hairstyles – short in the summer and longer in the winter.

When I was doing my comparisons, the ARTAS always ended up on top. After the procedure, I didn’t take any pain medication at all. Now that it’s been a year after my procedure, I have very little scarring so I can cut my hair any length. And my hairline is completely natural and full.

I love my father, but I just didn’t want his hairline anymore.


Making the decision after thirty years of wearing a hair system was an easy one. I investigated three leaders in the field of hair transplantation and Ziering overwhelmingly received the highest marks.

After my first procedure I continued to wear a system. My stylist, who was employed by a competitor of Ziering, commented that she didn’t think her team could do as good-a-job as Ziering had done.

That confirmed to me my decision to choose Ziering was right.

The physician and team performed an outstanding job. The procedure seemed so effortless on my part, but I know it was painstakingly difficult. Each member of the team performed to an elevated level.

I have completed three procedures and I am happy with the decision and the final result.
In my humble opinion Ziering is the overall leader in the industry.

James Snarr

For over one year, I gave very hard consideration and thought in having a hair transplant for my aging, balding head. I made up my mind over 9 months ago to go forward and get one.-Next step- Who am I going to allow to work on me? “Me” meaning, no one but the best should be doing my transplant. After considerable research and conversations with many people…people who did not use Dr Craig Ziering and some that did. It’s obvious I chose correctly! Dr. Z performed his magic on me. We went through the procedure in February of ’05…over 3,200 grafts transplanted, perfectly! The results are in as of today, August 29th…only 6 months after this happening and I am the happiest man on earth! I have better results than anticipated. In fact, I am ecstatic with the preliminary results. I feel 15 years younger, more confident with life overall, jubilant…I’m a new man! I know I look better and obviously have never felt better about myself and still have about 6 more months of anticipated hair growth to fill in. Dr Craig Ziering is by far the best of the best that do this procedure. Last but not least, the cost for my procedure was bargain…a bargain deal I made in heaven. Really though, it was in Dr. Z’s Beverly Hills office with a staff that made me feel right at home…down to earthiness is all I can say! I can’t wait to go back and visit the office and the gang.

Al Gottfried

I’m absolutely thrilled with the final results. I swear new hair keeps growing every month. I recently told my wife this was one of the best investments that I have ever made. I have already told a few friends that they need to do the same.

Jeff Jonas

My experience with Dr. Ziering and his team exceeded every expectation I had. My hair started to grow within 3 months of the procedure.

I have a public-facing profession and many people I encounter don’t even know how old I am. I have been told that I look 10 -15 years younger. I applaud and salute the Ziering Medical Team! Thank You!

Lou Lopez

After spending the better part of fifteen years of my life feeling self conscious about my hair loss and doing anything possible to hide it, Dr. Ziering and his professional, friendly staff were able to give me a comfort level I had not experienced since my early twenties with the hair restoration surgery.

The surgery is something I had considered for years and my only regret is waiting as long as I did to have the procedure done. It has been 20 months since my procedure and I can honestly say that walking into Dr. Ziering’s office the morning of my surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s not just the fact that I am 34 years old and have more hair now than when I was 21, it’s the confidence it brings into all aspects of life. Professional, personal, romantic, you name it. When you are confident about your appearance, life flows so much better!

About 4-6 months after my surgery when my new hair actually started growing to the point where I could see a noticeable difference, I swore even then that it was one of the greatest decisions I had ever made… little did I know that it would continue to grow even thicker and fuller. My results are better than I could have ever hoped for.

To Dr. Ziering, his technicians and to my consultant Lee Millard, thank you all so much. You have truly changed my life for the better. I invite anyone who is thinking about having the procedure done with Dr. Z who may still be skeptical to give me a call with any question. I would be more than happy to share my experience with you and give you my opinion on why if you are looking for the best surgeon for your hair transplant, your search has ended. Thanks again Dr. Ziering!

Karl Herrera
Las Vegas, NV

I just wanted to take a moment to convey my deepest appreciation for everything you did for me last Tuesday.

Thinking about this entire process over the past month make me nervous especially since we were going to be filmed live for Fox News, but you and you staff made an uncomfortable situation beyond relaxing for me. The professionalism that you and your staff displayed was unequivocally perfect.

Upon seeing the work you performed, I was instantly impress by the care and detail of the graft placement. More importantly, you did exactly what you said you would regarding density in certain areas, creating a natural looking hairline zone. I can tell when my hair grows in, it will blend perfectly. I am anxiously awaiting all my new hair to come in.

Dr. Ziering, you truly are a talented individual in this area of cosmetic surgery. I am honored to be associated with you and will certainly recommend (and in fact, already have recommended) your services to friends and business acquaintances.

Peter Weinhold
Corporate Vice President

It is very difficult to put into words how happy I am for choosing Ziering Medical for my hair transplantation. I had worn hair systems or toupees for almost 15 years, and being a Golf Professional it was a struggle to keep them looking the way I would like them to look. In those 15 years I could not even tell you how much money I spent on new systems, and upkeep to make myself feel comfortable, with the help of Lee Millard and Dr. Craig Ziering convincing me that the procedure would be not only painless, but would not interfere with any of my daily activities I choose to have the procedure done. Not only once but twice, I now have my own hair growing from my own scalp and it looks fantastic. Dr. Craig Ziering and Lee Millard thank you VERY VERY much for helping me make one of the best decisions of my life.

Andy Anderson

Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me. I can’t begin to explain how much this procedure meant to me. I also wanted to let you know that I have never met a staff so caring as the staff I met the day of my surgery. Whenever I tell the story about how all this happened and how it went, I think spend more time talking about the great group of people I met than I do about the actual procedure.

This week two groups of children are coming to camp. One group is a camp for children that have experienced traumatic brain surgery and the other children are waiting for organ transplants, i.e., heart, liver and kidney, and I just hope I can take the kindness I received at Ziering Medical and pass it on to these children.

Thank you again for everything

Eric Grey
Operation Cover Up Patient, Cancer Survivor, Reconstructive Eyebrow and Eyelash Hair Transplant Patient after Ocular Cancer

My hair was thinning and it was getting to the point where it going to start to be noticeable. At the time, I was working with a Hollywood celebrity. One day he came into the office and said he had gone to Dr. Ziering to have hair grafts, the results were amazing, and that I should do the same.
I filed the idea away and six months later went to see Dr. Ziering. I never did any research about his stature in the field. I operated on the assumption that my boss and his PR team had vetted him thoroughly, given that his appearance was central to his livelihood.
I had the procedure done and it looked amazing. It was so subtle that to this day, no one has ever asked me if I’d ever done something with my hair. Dr. Ziering does more than put hair grafts in. He’s a real artist—and that’s what I believe separates him from others in his field.
Beyond that, he’s a good human being—and his staff is an absolute pleasure to work with. I couldn’t give him higher marks. This is the first time I’ve used Yelp—and I’m only doing it because I was so taken by my experience in his office.”

Peter L.

I went to see Dr. Ziering because I liked the website and what he was trying to do frankly. No referral, I took a risk and I was right: I am thrilled with every part of the process from initial meeting to plan to time with Craig to the actual surgery, follow up and results. Results even better than I thought. EVERYONE says how natural the look is.

Marc Geiger
Music executive & Talent agent

Dr. Z and all the staff at Ziering Medical,

I would like to send out a special thank you and my deepest appreciation for the work that you have done. You may not know it, but you have played an important part in changing my life forever, and I won’t forget it!

Jeffrey Oliphant
2005 Extreme Makeover patient

I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with my decision to move forward with the procedure. It has been three weeks since I came in, and I am doing great. Not a soul has noticed anything – not even my brother in law who has had 5 or 6 separate hair transplant procedures himself.

As you recall, after the procedure we went down to San Diego for a week, which was the perfect time to be out of the limelight and to wear a hat for a few days. I did tell my son in San Digeo what I had done, and he thought it was a great idea. He’s the only one who knows, besides my wife. I wanted to let you know that the “Medical Post-op Instructions” sheet is a great thing. I followed it to the letter, except that I didn’t have to use any pain pills, because I didn’t have a bit of pain. Just as predicted, the mild swelling occurred on Day 4, and it only lasted two days. We stopped in at the office on our way back to Salt Lake for a follow-up visit with Dr. Phipps. She was very kind and gracious and took time to answer my questions and assure me that all was well. I was just a bit concerned about the scabs along the front hairline so she scrubbed them right off and sent me on my was with a smile on my faced.

Anyway, would you please give my thanks to Dr. Phipps and everyone in the office. I felt like I was in very good hands. Brooke was especially helpful when I stopped in the day after my surgery. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you a hello either of the times I stopped in. I wanted to thank you for your gentle encouragement to go forward. I’m now being a patient patient, and anticipating a positive result as these little babies settle in and decide when they want to make their presence known. See you in about 5 months.

Ron H.
Salt Lake City, UT

Dear Dr. Ziering,

This is Bill Freen from Extreme Makeover, Season Three. I was in your office on Friday, October 8th, a day that changed my life forever. I cannot thank you enough. When I first started losing my hair, I thought it wouldn’t be so bad to have a receding hairline. A few more years went by and I became more and balder from the crown towards the front of my scalp. Once it got to this level of baldness, I knew my only choice was to just shave my head and be bald. I actually felt my scalp and the shape of my head for the first time. What I discovered was that I have a very pointed or cone-shaped cranium. I thought to myself there is no way possible that I can be bald with this shape of head.

Although adults are not verbal with their thoughts and feelings toward abnormalities, you can sure see it in their eyes. For many years now, I could feel and see friends, coworkers and complete strangers sneaking a glance at my cone-shaped baldness. It has been 24 hours a day, 7 days per week thought in the back of my mind. My hair was so thin and just wild and unmanageable that is was common for people to ask me: Is it windy outside today? Or did you drive with your window rolled down. I’d just smile and laugh it off and say, no that’s just my hair; there’s nothing I can do about it and everybody would laugh. On the inside however for me, it was torture. It made my shy and introverted. I did not really realize what had occurred for me that day in your office.

I remember you telling me, Okay Bill, you are done and you are going to look great. I then remember looking in the mirror and smiling. I was so happy. It did not really hit me yet though. The minute you started taking the after photos, I tried hard to fight back the tears. But it was in that moment that I realized that all the years that I worried about being bald were gone now. That’s when I let loose emotionally and could not control the tears. I was so choked up; I could not even speak.

I don’t think that I ever got to express my complete gratitude for the gift you have given me and how you have changed my life. You will never really understand what you have done for me. For that I am extremely grateful. I have no idea how I could ever repay you for this gift. It is just more than words can say.

Your staff is incredible. I don’t how you found all the people on your staff, but they are like angels. It is a rarity these days to find a few people with such concern and compassion. And yet, you have a whole staff exactly like that. A special thanks to every individual on your staff.

And finally, your sense of humor sure makes a potentially stressful situation much easier to endure. I thank you all eternally from my heart.

Bill Freen
(Extreme Makeover, Season Three)

I have had great results with Dr. Ziering that exceeded my expectations. He created a natural looking hairline that has improved a number of things in my life, not to mention my self confidence. One of the best investments I’ve made.

F. Juarez

I am physician and surgeon and rarely am I in a position of evaluating a fellow physician from the perspective of a patient. However from the initial consultation to the actual surgical procedure, I was extremely comforted by Dr. Ziering and his staffs’ courteousness and professionalism. They are true experts in the business of patient care and even I will be incorporating some of their humanism and compassion into my own practice. I have to congratulate Dr. Ziering and his great staff for the compassion and superior surgical care extended to me.

Dr. Harrison Lee
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

I first noticed that I was losing my hair at 20 years old. It was devastating when going out with friends and trying to meet girls. I spent a couple of years researching hair restoration procedures and going to many different doctors. I decided to go with Dr. Ziering. The staff was so kind, and the day of the procedure was a relaxing day away from my stressful life.

About 10 months after the procedure when I would meet girls out at the bars or clubs and I would take off my hat, they weren’t disappointed any more. Before the hair restoration procedure, they were a little bummed. I would talk to them and my personality would get them, but then I would take off the hat, and I would lose them. Now when I take off the hat the momentum keeps going. Thanks again Dr. Ziering and Staff!

Nicolas Rosen

I was very pleased with the cosmetic results of my surgery and I was equally pleased with the caring service of the medical center’s staff. The procedure was painless. I was given pain medication, but I did not even require it post surgery. The procedure room was antiseptic but very comfortable. I was able to watch three videos, listen to some music and have a great lunch. I would like to thank Dr. Ziering and his staff for their caring professional demeanor. They made a day in surgery, strange to say, a most enjoyable experience.


Dear Dr. Ziering,

If you’re fortunate enough to outlive your hair, one day you will look in the mirror and some fraud will appear, some how displacing the good looking dude you used to be. At that moment you realize your fortunes have changed. Have I suddenly become irrelevant? I’m no longer a CEO. Somehow my children are middle aged; my ex wife owns the house, and ladies who used to smile at me as we crossed paths, now stare at my head and cross the street.

In today’s Los Angeles Times sports section, I saw a quarter page ad for Ziering Medical. In it Dr. Ziering says, I meet people everyday who feel marginalized because of their hair loss. He continues they want to regrow their hair to look younger or to have freedom from having to start every day trying to figure out how to disguise their hair loss. He ends with reasons to invest in a hair restoration which include career, social, or just plain vanity. For me, he hit the trifecta. I did it for ALL those reasons. And it is oh so true to have to actually look at myself in the mirror… not my favorite thing… and try to figure how I’m going to reconfigure those few hairs into something more meaningful. When I finally came to the realization that nothing I did made any difference, I went to see Dr. Ziering.
The “Doc” is a very cool guy. As he was marking up my head like DaVinci with a “sharpie,” I fleetingly had the sense my balding head was his Sistine Chapel. It was obvious that he really enjoyed what he was doing, and it must be infectious because everybody associated with Ziering had that same attitude: happy, friendly, caring and professional. Every aspect of the procedure, before, during and after was as joyful as it could be considering what was happening to my head.

Previously, I had met with two other hair restoration specialists. For reasons I don’t really understand, I never had the same confidence level with them as I had with Dr. Ziering. It has only been two weeks since the procedure, so I can’t say I suddenly have “Elvis” hair. However, when I went back to Ziering Medical to have my sutures removed I met an older gentleman… probably my age. He nearly did have “Elvis” hair. He had just had his second procedure. He looked terrific and he knew it. I have no qualms about having a second procedure next year when I can offer up more donor hair.

In closing I just can’t imagine a better experience than Ziering Medical provided. If you’re reading this, you are probably follicle challenged. Do yourself a favor; let Dr. Ziering give you the almost magical gift of hair restoration.

Operation Restore Patient
Thousand Oaks, California

I noticed gradual thinning and hair recession over the last 10 years. I checked several different approaches and decided a hair transplant was the only permanent solution. I then investigated several transplant doctors and decided on Dr. Ziering for his great reputation.

The process was extremely patient-friendly, from the first consultation through surgery and follow up afterwards. I would definitely make the same decision again. The results have been and excellent and worth every penny!

Tax Advisor; Las Vegas, NV
Jeff Schuman

I wanted to shoot you a quick email thanking you and Dr. Ziering for your help with my recent hair transplant procedure. I look forward to seeing the results materialize over the next year.

It was very inspiring to see the medical team’s commitment to excellence and artistry. Dr. Ziering has built an excellent medical team. I also have to thank you for your personal help answering all of my questions throughout the weeks leading up to my procedure. You made me feel as though I was receiving the VIP treatment which I appreciated.

Again, I want to thank you and Dr. Ziering for making this an enjoyable process. Without question, my expectations were exceeded!

Jeff M.

This whole experience has truly changed my life. I had 2,700 grafts (approximately 6,700 hairs) transplanted to the front and top of my head. Finally, I have the self-esteem back that I started losing twelve years ago. Dr. Ziering, who I know has to be the best surgeon in the world, should really give it up and become a comedian. He had me laughing so hard that I never became nervous about the actual procedure. Dr. Ziering has helped me turn my life around in such a positive way.


I was 63 years old and I noticed that I was losing my hair in the front. Being a dentist and a dental school educator, I am in front of the public every day. I did not want to look old, so I investigated hair restoration.

That was eight years ago and in that period, I have had four hair restoration surgeries at Ziering Medical with Dr. James Calder. I highly recommend him to anyone. My surgery last month in Newport Beach was painless. I am 71 years old, but I look 10 years younger thanks to Dr. Calder and Ziering Medical.

Dr. Kenneth Molen

It is funny that just a year ago my lack of a hairline was a daily concern and disappointment to me. Now I have a hairline and I take my full head of hair for granted. I look great and feel great! No one except for the lady who styles my hair knew that I had work done. This was my biggest worry. It was so much fun to watch my hair slowly return, growing back in such a subtle way that nobody knew. I have been asked if I was styling it in a different manner or if I had a new stylist.

A year ago I read your testimonials and wondered if they were legitimate. And now I have just given one myself. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend your services.


Dr. Ziering is a prince of a man and an individual that listens intensely to your questions and without hesitation gives you a straight answer. I also enjoyed his humor during my surgery. He is an exceptional surgeon and human being.

Corporate CEO

I first noticed my hair loss in my mid-twenties. I will never forget my boss (who was 33 at the time and with a full head of hair) who said to me while on a business trip, “you sure are getting thin up there.” Although his comments were completely harmless, it was the first time I started to look differently at my appearance. I could see the thinning in my hair. Over the next four years, I continued to watch it disappear. In my late twenties, I started to look more closely at my options. After visiting a host of medical facilities about restoration, I was left with no direction.

In 2003, my medical doctor, who was a huge proponent against hair restoration, went to a presentation by Dr. Craig Ziering. After listening to the presentation, he suggested that I contact Dr. Ziering. So, I did just that. I visited the Ziering Medical offices in Newport Beach and after the short visit was convinced that if I were to have the procedure done…it would be with Dr. Ziering.

One year later I had the procedure done. Dr. Ziering’s medical staff went above and beyond the typical medical experience by providing me with unbelievable care. In fact, the day is almost a blur. The procedure was fast and pain free. I took a Friday off to have the procedure done and was back at work the following Monday.

I am now two years post-op and am still very happy with the results. I went from having no hair on the front of my head to having not just hair, but NATURAL looking hair. I would do this procedure again with no changes.

If considering hair restoration, I would look no further than Ziering Medical. If you want the best care, best experience and most importantly, new hair…Ziering Medical is the place for you.

Mike Caudill

As you are aware from my initial visit, I had a substantial number of transplanted “plugs” as they were known many years ago. Over a period of time as my remaining hair thinned, it became more and more apparent the “plugs” looked like clumps and not a natural hairline. Furthermore, the donor sites for those plugs were randomly scattered throughout the backside of my scalp making it difficult to obtain any substantial new donor material.

When I decided to obtain additional transplants I discussed the matter with two different physician friends of mine who are familiar with plastic and reconstructive surgery. They emphasized that to correct previous work done was much more difficult than a new procedure. Both recommended Dr. Ziering as someone who seemed to be able to overcome prior faulty work by his selective and artistic placement of the grafts.

I have now had two transplant sessions with Ziering Medical! My hairline is not only naturally restored but the coverage and the way the new hair seems to fall into place is magical!! Not only that but Dr. Ziering was able to find almost twice the amount of donor than I had expected! I realized that this was my last chance to get it right and I thank Dr. Ziering and his team so much for the care and skill in making this happen!

Elliot Leonard
Newport Beach, CA

I met Dr. Craig Ziering following a near decade-long battle with hair loss and countless unsuccessful remedies, provided to me by numerous physicians in the field of hair restoration. Due to a slew of past negative experiences and after having been told by another physicians that the best solution for my degree of hair loss was surgery, I came to Dr. Ziering for a second opinion. To my surprise, he presented me with another option: laser beams. I listened to Dr. Ziering and with some hesitancy and skepticism, agreed to try this new therapy for hair loss. It was certain to me that I would eventually have to resort to surgery, as I’d been told by others in previous medical evaluations.

Today, after more than a year of laser treatments, my skepticism is dead and my hair follicles have been reborn.

Dr. Ziering introduced me to a revolutionary treatment for hair loss that has been and continues to be a powerfully positive, life-changing therapy. Utilizing low-level light lasers, I have seen an incredible change in my hair – a drastic improvement in overall hair density, volume, significant decrease in shedding, new hair growth anda literal “fattening” of each individual hair on my head. The results that I have experienced from using laser therapy have surpassed any that I have ever achieved, via the use of Propecia or Rogaine. I believe that this therapy is THE most powerful non-surgical weapon in the battle against hair loss for men and women. Mere words cannot express how thankful I am to have been introduced to this non-evasive, painless, pill-less treatment.

As a young man who is open to surgery “down-the-road”, but who also sought to avoid surgical hair restoration until it was absolutely inevitable, I shall forever be grateful to Dr. Ziering for his honesty and integrity. He respected my health and my personal needs and ratherthan endorsing automatic surgical procedures that were potentially unnecessary, he advocated a powerfully effective and affordable treatment that has been proven to be a near, “golden bullet” in my quest to keep my hair. I am living proof that laser hair therapy is both safe and dramatically effective. It saved my hair.

Spearman Melton
Los Angeles, CA

From the moment I walked into their offices, Dr. Ziering and his staff presented an honest assessment of my hair loss and how it can be recreated to look completely natural using an array of different methods including Propecia with my current Rogaine treatment. They discussed the donor procedure and set realistic expectations of what I could expect as my donor hair follicles grew out. We were able to work within my budget to do a procedure that helped to rebuild a hairline and to strengthen the overall thickness of my hair. Ten months later I had a full head of hair that seamlessly blended into the existing hair and an overall healthier look thanks to the Propecia. Amazing! The overall look almost a year later far exceeds my expectations. Thank you Dr. Ziering and everyone at Ziering Medical.

Jason D.

I am going in for my third transplant operation from Ziering Medical August 15, 2009, and I can tell you that these procedures are the best investment that I have ever made for myself. It has improved my appearance 100% and makes me look years younger. For the record, the previous two procedures that Ziering Medical had performed on me were highly successful, as well as fully natural. You cannot and I repeat, you can not detect anywhere in my scalp that hair transplanting was performed.

Terry F.

I debated for some time with great reservation whether to proceed or not with hair transplant surgery. My greatest concern as a practicing physician was that my patients might notice that I underwent hair restoration. I returned to my normal, daily routine almost immediately after my procedure. Much to my delight no one, not even my colleagues, were able to tell that I had anything done. My experience with the procedure has been simple, painless, and virtually unnoticeable. Dr. Ziering and his team are amazing.


The best thing I’ve done in years! Dr. Ziering and Dr. Phipps are by far the best in the business. I’m a Rod Stewart impersonator, and thanks to them I have a great looking head of hair!

Joey Lee
Las Vegas, NV