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FUT Strip | 2550+2720 Grafts | 5270 Total Grafted Units

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The Truth About
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Many African Americans suffering from hair loss don’t think they’re good candidates for a hair transplant procedure because of their hair’s distinct characteristics. This is a long-standing myth. In fact, the curly character of black hair gives African American hair transplant patients a surgical advantage. That “curl” creates the appearance of more density, so it actually takes fewer hair grafts to achieve visible results.

Causes of African American Hair-Loss

Hair loss in African Americans is mostly attributed to the same genetic factors as other ethnic groups, except in cases of hair loss due to severe or prolonged hairstyling practices like wearing tight weaves and braids. These can cause traction alopecia. But the good news is that it’s one of the most common things our surgeons treat in African American patients. Dr. Ziering and his team of hair restoration surgeons utilize some of the most advanced hair transplant procedures available to restore your hair growth with natural-looking results. 

For African American hair restoration, special attention is given when harvesting and dissecting individual follicular units to avoid keloid scarring, which is of particular concern on darker skin. Additional skin testing may be required to assess how well your skin heals.

Excellent results can be achieved with hair transplants for African Americans using MDEE Strip Harvesting or Follicular Unit Extraction/Excision (FUE). If you’re African American and trying to figure out what to do about your hair loss, take the first step and schedule a consultation with the Ziering Medical team.

The Celebrities' Choice

Ziering Medical has been endorsed by celebrities that were so proud of their results that they shared their source openly. 

Don’t take our word for it. Check out Tyga’s notorious tweet or Tory Lanez’s Big Boy TV interview to learn who they trust with their hair.

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FUT Strip | 2550+2720 Grafts | 5270 Total Grafted Units

When it comes to designing a hair transplant for patients, hair type plays a major role — especially when it comes to ethnic hair types. For example,

Afro-centric hair tends to be more course and curly which influences the overall hair transplant design and the actual procedure.   Afro-centric hair has a C-shaped curl above and below the scalp skin. During the donor harvest step of the hair transplant, this curvature at the hair root has to be taken into consideration in order to prevent transection of the hair graft and to preserve the life and vitality of each of those grafts. With an FUE procedure, the punch size of the harvesting device typically has to be adjusted to insure the best and safest harvest of donor hair. Once those grafts are properly harvested, the recipient sites are created to match the overall hair transplant design. Typically, African American men desire a lower, straight hairline with crisp edges. When making tiny recipient sites, your surgeon has to factor in this curly dynamic of the hair in order to make sites with the proper angle, direction and orientation to get the best possible aesthetic outcome. 

The placement of the curly grafts takes a lot of TLC, too! The C-shaped hair grafts must be rotated, as they are placed, so that these hairs will grow out of the scalp in the proper direction and orientation. Because many of our Black patients are looking to restore their edges, an understanding of how their curly hair impacts the entire surgical hair restoration procedure is key. It takes particular skill and experience with both surgeon and staff to achieve an optimal result.  Ziering medical has performed more Afro-centric hair transplant procedures than anyone in the world.   Patients with Afro-centric hair enjoy an advantage which is the envy of all other patients which is fewer hair grafts are required to achieve the density and coverage they are looking for because of that curly nature of their hair.   What’s hair type got to do with it? Everything!

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Real Results

Excellent results can be achieved with black hair transplants, using either method – FUT Strip Harvesting or FUE (including robotic FUE). If you’re an African American experiencing hair loss and trying to figure out what to do about it, take the first step and schedule a private consultation with the Ziering Medical team.

1 Year Post Op Female Hairline Restoration

FUT Grafts: 2650 Follicular Units

Grafts: 2325
Hair Restoration Results Before and After | Ziering Medical | West Hollywood CA, Newport Beach CA, New York NY, Greenwich CT, Las Vegas NV
African American Hair Restoration Surgery Treatment Before and After Patient 2
Corrective Surgery
2000 Follicular Units FUE

2566 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 5 Months Post-Op.

Before & After Female Hair Transplant

1606 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplants, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 18 Months Post-Op

2615 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplants, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 15 Months Post-Op


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