Take a look at our before and after hair transplant photos.*

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2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

*Individual results may vary


My experience with Dr. Ziering was excellent on every level. The initial personal consultation by his staff and then the surgical procedure performed by him and his assistants was with the highest level of professionalism and thoroughness.

Hard to imagine, but they actually make the one day procedure reasonably enjoyable by their very personal attention and encouraging you to watch box office movies of your choice throughout most of the day! The recovery period is very well explained and they are readily available to address any further questions after the procedure is completed. I have now had a few procedures by Dr. Ziering in order to achieve the final result I desired and I absolutely guarantee that no one knows, can visually detect or would believe I have had a hair transplant! I look many, many years younger as a result! It is very evident to me as to why he is so highly regarded in his field and without any reservation

I highly recommend and endorse Dr. Ziering and his entire staff.

Brad B.

It is very difficult to put into words how happy I am for choosing Ziering Medical for my hair transplantation. I had worn hair systems or toupees for almost 15 years, and being a Golf Professional it was a struggle to keep them looking the way I would like them to look. In those 15 years I could not even tell you how much money I spent on new systems, and upkeep to make myself feel comfortable, with the help of Lee Millard and Dr. Craig Ziering convincing me that the procedure would be not only painless, but would not interfere with any of my daily activities I choose to have the procedure done. Not only once but twice, I now have my own hair growing from my own scalp and it looks fantastic. Dr. Craig Ziering and Lee Millard thank you VERY VERY much for helping me make one of the best decisions of my life.

Andy Anderson

When I was 19 years old, I started losing my hair. I was very self-conscious about it.

Most of the hair on top of my head was gone by my fortieth year. By that time I had a comb over from one side.

Of course I wasn’t fooling anyone. On a windy day my “lovely” strands would often roll over across my head and hang down below my left cheek. I looked like a one-eared Basset hound.

As time went on I elected to sport a “hair system,” today’s politically correct phrase for a toupee. Again, I wasn’t fooling anyone…unless they were as blind as a bat. So often when I was talking to people, or meeting them for the first time, their eyes would dart from my eyes up to my forehead and back to my eyes again. I know what they were thinking. I was not only uncomfortable, but it limited me with physical activities. Ah, but the best was yet to come. One time I was swimming in a public pool and before I realized it, the “rug” came off my head and floated up to the top before I surfaced. When I did, some smart-mouthed kid yelled to me by saying, “Hey, Mister! You lost your summit duster!” Of course the pool was crowded and most people pretended they didn’t notice anything. I was never – and I mean never – so embarrassed in my life. When I went home that day, I cut up the divot and threw it in the garbage can.

Then I decided to have my hair medically restored. It was the best decision I made in my life.

Although I had two procedures with another medical group and received good results, I discovered Dr. Ziering. He is one of a handful of physicians who can actually, and most skillfully, transplant hair on the temples, as well as replace eyebrows and eyelashes…and you can never tell because it looks so natural.

In my case, Dr. Ziering enhanced my temples as well as built up my hairline and filled in the crown. His work is amazing! I was kept quite comfortable by the wonderful staff at Ziering Medical throughout the whole procedure, which lasted about four hours. I had a little over a thousand grafts. In fact, one of the nurses put a DVD movie on for me to watch and I fell asleep! How about that?

Now it has been five months since my procedure at Ziering Medical. The hair is starting to grow in and it looks like nature’s handiwork. I’m free to live my life without obstacles or limitations. I feel so good about myself…hallelujah!

Yes, I certainly would do it again. In fact, I plan on having one more procedure to fine tune, as it were, my crown of glory.

Thank you, Dr. Ziering and staff.

With warm regards,

Douglas H. Strang

I met Dr. Craig Ziering following a near decade-long battle with hair loss and countless unsuccessful remedies, provided to me by numerous physicians in the field of hair restoration. Due to a slew of past negative experiences and after having been told by another physicians that the best solution for my degree of hair loss was surgery, I came to Dr. Ziering for a second opinion. To my surprise, he presented me with another option: laser beams. I listened to Dr. Ziering and with some hesitancy and skepticism, agreed to try this new therapy for hair loss. It was certain to me that I would eventually have to resort to surgery, as I’d been told by others in previous medical evaluations.

Today, after more than a year of laser treatments, my skepticism is dead and my hair follicles have been reborn.

Dr. Ziering introduced me to a revolutionary treatment for hair loss that has been and continues to be a powerfully positive, life-changing therapy. Utilizing low-level light lasers, I have seen an incredible change in my hair – a drastic improvement in overall hair density, volume, significant decrease in shedding, new hair growth anda literal “fattening” of each individual hair on my head. The results that I have experienced from using laser therapy have surpassed any that I have ever achieved, via the use of Propecia or Rogaine. I believe that this therapy is THE most powerful non-surgical weapon in the battle against hair loss for men and women. Mere words cannot express how thankful I am to have been introduced to this non-evasive, painless, pill-less treatment.

As a young man who is open to surgery “down-the-road”, but who also sought to avoid surgical hair restoration until it was absolutely inevitable, I shall forever be grateful to Dr. Ziering for his honesty and integrity. He respected my health and my personal needs and ratherthan endorsing automatic surgical procedures that were potentially unnecessary, he advocated a powerfully effective and affordable treatment that has been proven to be a near, “golden bullet” in my quest to keep my hair. I am living proof that laser hair therapy is both safe and dramatically effective. It saved my hair.

Spearman Melton
Los Angeles, CA

Now that I have eyebrows, I feel like my face is complete and framed! I don’t have to hide my face anymore by growing long bangs. My self esteem is better. Thank you Ziering Medical. Your entire staff is professional and cordial.

Martha N.

I just wanted to take a moment to convey my deepest appreciation for everything you did for me last Tuesday.

Thinking about this entire process over the past month make me nervous especially since we were going to be filmed live for Fox News, but you and you staff made an uncomfortable situation beyond relaxing for me. The professionalism that you and your staff displayed was unequivocally perfect.

Upon seeing the work you performed, I was instantly impress by the care and detail of the graft placement. More importantly, you did exactly what you said you would regarding density in certain areas, creating a natural looking hairline zone. I can tell when my hair grows in, it will blend perfectly. I am anxiously awaiting all my new hair to come in.

Dr. Ziering, you truly are a talented individual in this area of cosmetic surgery. I am honored to be associated with you and will certainly recommend (and in fact, already have recommended) your services to friends and business acquaintances.

Peter Weinhold
Corporate Vice President
Barry Landon

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Craig Ziering for providing such a FABULOUS TOP-NOTCH eyebrow transplant surgery. The staff was incredible and professional, I felt very welcomed. The procedure was painless. You exceeded my expectations for meticulously implanting each and every brow hair in the most natural angle that only Mother Nature could achieve. The hairs blend in perfectly as if my own genetic code had designed them for my particular facial structure. After researching eyebrow scars, I learned about Ziering Medical’s procedure which would transplant long hairs from the back of my head into my eyebrow to reconstruct it. Being very self-conscious of my scars from a very painful tattoo procedure done over 10 years ago, I decided to invest the time and money into having the procedure done. I firmly stand behind my choice as this being the BEST decision I have ever made. In less than a day, I felt renewed with a confidence that I have never had in myself. It’s funny how sometimes the smallest things can affect you so greatly. I could have lived with my scars, but instead I chose to have Dr. Ziering disguise them. The choice I made was worth it a hundred times over. It has been 8 months since the procedure and my eyebrows are beautiful. I couldn’t be happier! For all those considering hair transplantation, be it to the eyebrow, the top of the head, or face, make the right choice and chose Dr. Ziering as your surgeon. His entire staff is terrific, and the entire procedure was smooth, quick, accurate, and painless. Dr. Ziering, you are truly an artist. Thank you for invigorating my life and restoring my confidence. I am now going to embrace my 40’s and the rest of my life without this flaw all thanks to you. You have given me my life back. God Bless you.

Mary Clemente

One and a half years ago I had my first surgery with Dr Ziering. I was very scared. I was extremely surprised how easy it was. Now, I am super happy because my hair looks so much better now than it did before the surgery. My goal was to have hair like a lion! I love Dr Ziering and his staff! After many years of looking, I found the best!

Paula C.

Today is day six after surgery and I can’t help but reflect on my unexpected experience. This letter is my expression of the deep trust and awe which I now have in all your abilities and technical skills.

The support team should all be proud of themselves and in my opinion deserve a raise or at minimum be treated by the team leader to a special meal of their choice for working beyond expectations with such great attitudes.

I especially enjoyed the sound of your laughter in the hall while waiting for me to return from a break (which you never took while working on me). Again, I can’t say enough about your humor, spirit and wonderful attitude that made my day unexpectedly special.

Dr. Ziering, you are truly at the top of your game – and it shows.

Jeffrey “No More Hat” Rodriguez

A few years after menopause, I started noticing a thinning of my hair on the front and crown. At first, I did not pay much attention but as time went on I noticed more thinning, and I was having trouble styling my hair to cover my scalp. I felt very self-conscious, and I felt it made me look much older. After doing a great deal of research into possible remedies, I decided that hair grafting was the only option I would find satisfactory. I looked at many different hair restoration doctors, but after coming to Ziering Medical I decided immediately that this is where I wanted to go for grafting. Dr. Ziering and his staff are sensitive, highly professional and had the experience I sought

My experience was pleasant, and I am thrilled with the results. I now have thick, full hair, and I feel confidant once again. I am a chemist who works in the personal care industry. Now, I don’t feel embarrassed when I meet new clients. It looks natural – no one would ever know that I had a hair restoration surgery. I would do this again in a heartbeat. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you!

Mission Viejo

I am going in for my third transplant operation from Ziering Medical August 15, 2009, and I can tell you that these procedures are the best investment that I have ever made for myself. It has improved my appearance 100% and makes me look years younger. For the record, the previous two procedures that Ziering Medical had performed on me were highly successful, as well as fully natural. You cannot and I repeat, you can not detect anywhere in my scalp that hair transplanting was performed.

Terry F.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ziering and I’m so satisfied with the result. The team was great and their goal was to make sure you are comfortable. I thought it will be a very painful procedure but I actually went shopping right after I’m done with minimal pain!
I recommend Dr. Ziering to many of my friends in Qatar and my cousin is planning on getting a transplant procedure after he saw my result.


I’m absolutely thrilled with the final results. I swear new hair keeps growing every month. I recently told my wife this was one of the best investments that I have ever made. I have already told a few friends that they need to do the same.

Jeff Jonas

I was highly impressed with the professionalism and the attention to detail throughout the entire Ziering staff. The technology for the extraction procedure is advanced and efficient, and the staff’s top priority is keeping the patient comfortable. Dr. Ziering is very skilled, and designed a flawless hairline.

Eric H.

I began noticing a significant hair loss about a year ago. I was losing a lot hair when I washed my hair and found a lot of hair in the drain after rinsing. I also found hair on the floor after brushing and blow –drying my hair. There were some spots that were actually bald and I was afraid I was going to continue losing all of my hair. I was panic stricken and began to look for help. I found an article about the Ziering Medical Clinic and I immediately called for an appointment. The staff at the clinic was extremely kind and sympathetic. We discussed laser treatment which could expand the hair shaft and possibly fill in the bald spots and stop the hair loss. I was a little skeptical but was anxious to try whatever was available to help my condition.

After almost a year of laser treatment my hair loss has discontinued. My bald spots have filled in and my hair feels fuller and thicker and looks normal again. I am very thankful that I found Ziering Medical and cannot express my gratitude enough for the care that I received and the restoration of my hair to its nearly previous state. I will continue with the treatments to ensure the growth and health of my scalp and hair. I wouldn’t hesitate about doing the laser treatment again. Thank you Ziering Medical. After a year of laser treatment my hair is fuller and thicker. I look forward to continuing with the treatments to ensure the growth and health of my hair and scalp.

Mary S.
Las Vegas

I am physician and surgeon and rarely am I in a position of evaluating a fellow physician from the perspective of a patient. However from the initial consultation to the actual surgical procedure, I was extremely comforted by Dr. Ziering and his staffs’ courteousness and professionalism. They are true experts in the business of patient care and even I will be incorporating some of their humanism and compassion into my own practice. I have to congratulate Dr. Ziering and his great staff for the compassion and superior surgical care extended to me.

Dr. Harrison Lee
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

I have suffered from hair loss since I was eighteen years old, went to see Dr. Ziering who was referred to me by my skin-care doctor. Not too excited about a surgical procedure, I hesitated and put off the appointment far too long. Once I brought myself to their office, I was so sorry that I hadn’t been there long before.

I was greeted by Kelly, a very warm and caring lady who spoke with me about preliminary things. She made me feel as though she was there as long I needed to speak. I never felt rushed or felt like there was something else she needed to tend to. She gave me some reassurances and made me feel like she understood my worries. Then, Dr. Phipps came in and gave me all the”real” stuff that I should consider. Her explanations were clear, helpful and she definitely made me more excited about the results. Then came the smiling face of Dr. Ziering and I immediately knew that I was in the right place. After he tousled my hair around and made me laugh a little, we were on our way to paperwork.

Before I could finish, I called my husband and said that he had to take care of his bald spot and that I had found the perfect place. He and I ended up having surgery on the same day. We had so much fun eating lunch together and making fun of each other’s “footies”. It’s something we will never forget.

The staff was attentive and friendly, there was no discomfort and there was never a dull moment with movies, music and just visiting with the staff. The day seemed to pass very quickly and we were on our way. Then we just sat and waited for our hair to grow in…together. I love my life!!!

I hope anyone reading this will definitely consider the Ziering Medical group. I wouldn’t consider any other facility.

Thank you to my “new” best friends.

Marilyn (and Joe too)

I first noticed my hair loss in my mid-twenties. I will never forget my boss (who was 33 at the time and with a full head of hair) who said to me while on a business trip, “you sure are getting thin up there.” Although his comments were completely harmless, it was the first time I started to look differently at my appearance. I could see the thinning in my hair. Over the next four years, I continued to watch it disappear. In my late twenties, I started to look more closely at my options. After visiting a host of medical facilities about restoration, I was left with no direction.

In 2003, my medical doctor, who was a huge proponent against hair restoration, went to a presentation by Dr. Craig Ziering. After listening to the presentation, he suggested that I contact Dr. Ziering. So, I did just that. I visited the Ziering Medical offices in Newport Beach and after the short visit was convinced that if I were to have the procedure done…it would be with Dr. Ziering.

One year later I had the procedure done. Dr. Ziering’s medical staff went above and beyond the typical medical experience by providing me with unbelievable care. In fact, the day is almost a blur. The procedure was fast and pain free. I took a Friday off to have the procedure done and was back at work the following Monday.

I am now two years post-op and am still very happy with the results. I went from having no hair on the front of my head to having not just hair, but NATURAL looking hair. I would do this procedure again with no changes.

If considering hair restoration, I would look no further than Ziering Medical. If you want the best care, best experience and most importantly, new hair…Ziering Medical is the place for you.

Mike Caudill

I wanted to shoot you a quick email thanking you and Dr. Ziering for your help with my recent hair transplant procedure. I look forward to seeing the results materialize over the next year.

It was very inspiring to see the medical team’s commitment to excellence and artistry. Dr. Ziering has built an excellent medical team. I also have to thank you for your personal help answering all of my questions throughout the weeks leading up to my procedure. You made me feel as though I was receiving the VIP treatment which I appreciated.

Again, I want to thank you and Dr. Ziering for making this an enjoyable process. Without question, my expectations were exceeded!

Jeff M.
Christopher B.

I went to see Dr. Ziering because I liked the website and what he was trying to do frankly. No referral, I took a risk and I was right: I am thrilled with every part of the process from initial meeting to plan to time with Craig to the actual surgery, follow up and results. Results even better than I thought. EVERYONE says how natural the look is.

Marc Geiger
Music executive & Talent agent

Dr. Phipps, Lee and Staff,

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the way I was treated during the procedure last Monday. Your entire staff was professional yet not stuffy. Everyone was kind and caring. The cleanliness of the procedure room was most impressive. I was never nervous or hesitant about a thing.

Please know that you’re welcome to have your prospective clients contact me if they have any questions or hesitations about the procedure, your facility or just want a reference.
Again thanks.

Kris N.

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