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2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

*Individual results may vary


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ziering and I’m so satisfied with the result. The team was great and their goal was to make sure you are comfortable. I thought it will be a very painful procedure but I actually went shopping right after I’m done with minimal pain!
I recommend Dr. Ziering to many of my friends in Qatar and my cousin is planning on getting a transplant procedure after he saw my result.


I went to see Dr. Ziering because I liked the website and what he was trying to do frankly. No referral, I took a risk and I was right: I am thrilled with every part of the process from initial meeting to plan to time with Craig to the actual surgery, follow up and results. Results even better than I thought. EVERYONE says how natural the look is.

M. Geiger

I wanted to shoot you a quick email thanking you and Dr. Ziering for your help with my recent hair transplant procedure. I look forward to seeing the results materialize over the next year.

It was very inspiring to see the medical team’s commitment to excellence and artistry. Dr. Ziering has built an excellent medical team. I also have to thank you for your personal help answering all of my questions throughout the weeks leading up to my procedure. You made me feel as though I was receiving the VIP treatment which I appreciated.

Again, I want to thank you and Dr. Ziering for making this an enjoyable process. Without question, my expectations were exceeded!

Jeff M.

A few years after menopause, I started noticing a thinning of my hair on the front and crown. At first, I did not pay much attention but as time went on I noticed more thinning, and I was having trouble styling my hair to cover my scalp. I felt very self-conscious, and I felt it made me look much older. After doing a great deal of research into possible remedies, I decided that hair grafting was the only option I would find satisfactory. I looked at many different hair restoration doctors, but after coming to Ziering Medical I decided immediately that this is where I wanted to go for grafting. Dr. Ziering and his staff are sensitive, highly professional and had the experience I sought

My experience was pleasant, and I am thrilled with the results. I now have thick, full hair, and I feel confidant once again. I am a chemist who works in the personal care industry. Now, I don’t feel embarrassed when I meet new clients. It looks natural – no one would ever know that I had a hair restoration surgery. I would do this again in a heartbeat. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you!

Mission Viejo

This has really been a great experience and it started with you! Dr. Ziering has a great team! Dr. Phipps is very funny! I love her sense of humor! Liz & Paola were great! They were both so kind and considerate and tried to make me as comfortable as possible throughout the day! Dr. Ziering has a great bedside manner and I really appreciated his kindness and his confidence in the results I will achieve.

Another happy patient.


I would like to give my thanks and appreciation to Dr. Ziering and his staff. I recently underwent a procedure at his Newport Beach location and I must congratulate the staff and the doctor on their professionalism. They made a difficult situation much easier to live through. This was not my first time undergoing this procedure, but it was the best experience thus far. I would certainly recommend Dr. Ziering to my friends and family. My prior experiences made me feel that I was just another client, but Dr. Ziering and his caring staff made me feel at home and very comfortable. Dr. Ziering’s special technique and specialized tools and/or procedures also made the experience a worthwhile event. Anyone debating whether or not hair restoration is for them should definably consider consulting Dr. Ziering.

Peter Renteria
Garden Grove, CA

After spending the better part of fifteen years of my life feeling self conscious about my hair loss and doing anything possible to hide it, Dr. Ziering and his professional, friendly staff were able to give me a comfort level I had not experienced since my early twenties with the hair restoration surgery.

The surgery is something I had considered for years and my only regret is waiting as long as I did to have the procedure done. It has been 20 months since my procedure and I can honestly say that walking into Dr. Ziering’s office the morning of my surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s not just the fact that I am 34 years old and have more hair now than when I was 21, it’s the confidence it brings into all aspects of life. Professional, personal, romantic, you name it. When you are confident about your appearance, life flows so much better!

About 4-6 months after my surgery when my new hair actually started growing to the point where I could see a noticeable difference, I swore even then that it was one of the greatest decisions I had ever made… little did I know that it would continue to grow even thicker and fuller. My results are better than I could have ever hoped for.

To Dr. Ziering, his technicians and to my consultant Lee Millard, thank you all so much. You have truly changed my life for the better. I invite anyone who is thinking about having the procedure done with Dr. Z who may still be skeptical to give me a call with any question. I would be more than happy to share my experience with you and give you my opinion on why if you are looking for the best surgeon for your hair transplant, your search has ended. Thanks again Dr. Ziering!

Karl Herrera
Las Vegas, NV

When I was 19 years old, I started losing my hair. I was very self-conscious about it.

Most of the hair on top of my head was gone by my fortieth year. By that time I had a comb over from one side.

Of course I wasn’t fooling anyone. On a windy day my “lovely” strands would often roll over across my head and hang down below my left cheek. I looked like a one-eared Basset hound.

As time went on I elected to sport a “hair system,” today’s politically correct phrase for a toupee. Again, I wasn’t fooling anyone…unless they were as blind as a bat. So often when I was talking to people, or meeting them for the first time, their eyes would dart from my eyes up to my forehead and back to my eyes again. I know what they were thinking. I was not only uncomfortable, but it limited me with physical activities. Ah, but the best was yet to come. One time I was swimming in a public pool and before I realized it, the “rug” came off my head and floated up to the top before I surfaced. When I did, some smart-mouthed kid yelled to me by saying, “Hey, Mister! You lost your summit duster!” Of course the pool was crowded and most people pretended they didn’t notice anything. I was never – and I mean never – so embarrassed in my life. When I went home that day, I cut up the divot and threw it in the garbage can.

Then I decided to have my hair medically restored. It was the best decision I made in my life.

Although I had two procedures with another medical group and received good results, I discovered Dr. Ziering. He is one of a handful of physicians who can actually, and most skillfully, transplant hair on the temples, as well as replace eyebrows and eyelashes…and you can never tell because it looks so natural.

In my case, Dr. Ziering enhanced my temples as well as built up my hairline and filled in the crown. His work is amazing! I was kept quite comfortable by the wonderful staff at Ziering Medical throughout the whole procedure, which lasted about four hours. I had a little over a thousand grafts. In fact, one of the nurses put a DVD movie on for me to watch and I fell asleep! How about that?

Now it has been five months since my procedure at Ziering Medical. The hair is starting to grow in and it looks like nature’s handiwork. I’m free to live my life without obstacles or limitations. I feel so good about myself…hallelujah!

Yes, I certainly would do it again. In fact, I plan on having one more procedure to fine tune, as it were, my crown of glory.

Thank you, Dr. Ziering and staff.

With warm regards,

Douglas H. Strang

It is funny that just a year ago my lack of a hairline was a daily concern and disappointment to me. Now I have a hairline and I take my full head of hair for granted. I look great and feel great! No one except for the lady who styles my hair knew that I had work done. This was my biggest worry. It was so much fun to watch my hair slowly return, growing back in such a subtle way that nobody knew. I have been asked if I was styling it in a different manner or if I had a new stylist.

A year ago I read your testimonials and wondered if they were legitimate. And now I have just given one myself. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend your services.


I am physician and surgeon and rarely am I in a position of evaluating a fellow physician from the perspective of a patient. However from the initial consultation to the actual surgical procedure, I was extremely comforted by Dr. Ziering and his staffs’ courteousness and professionalism. They are true experts in the business of patient care and even I will be incorporating some of their humanism and compassion into my own practice. I have to congratulate Dr. Ziering and his great staff for the compassion and superior surgical care extended to me.

Dr. Harrison Lee
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Ziering and his team exceeded every expectation I had. My hair started to grow within 3 months of the procedure.

I have a public-facing profession and many people I encounter don’t even know how old I am. I have been told that I look 10 -15 years younger. I applaud and salute the Ziering Medical Team! Thank You!

Lou Lopez

I want to take this time to thank you for the great care that was afforded me by the staff at The Ziering Medical Group. I was impressed by the high level of competence and professionalism shown by your entire staff. Because my procedure was conducted in such skillful and efficient manner, there was virtually no impact on my personal life.

Your pre and post operative instructions were accurate and thorough and aided my recovery beyond my most optimistic expectations.

I am extremely impressed by my results. My only regret was not having done the procedure sooner.

Thank you again and my best to your entire staff.


In life, we are presented with many different challenges. In my humble opinion, we have two choices: lean into the challenge and face it head on; or cover up and procrastinate for whatever the reason. Unfortunately for me, I chose the latter and for more than twenty years lived with the terrible pain of hair loss. It was the result of a lye based perm which had been left on my hair too long. At first, of course, there was tremendous shock and horror; then I convinced myself that massages, oils, and various creams would help but nothing did. Finally it was time to confront my fear: I sought the advice of two different doctors who were said to be pioneers in the field of hair restoration. I came to the conclusion that the options that were given were not right for me. Several more years went by, and finally I met Dr. Ziering and more than twenty years of embarrassment, of wearing hats, scarves, anything to camouflage the area of hair loss, were gone. From the moment I walked into the office for my consultation, I knew I had made the right decision. The surgery was amazing. Dr. Ziering and his staff made me feel comfortable and extremely well taken care of. There was a very vital peace that had been missing for so long. Dr. Ziering and his wonderful staff helped me to feel whole again.

Mary W.

The best thing I’ve done in years! Dr. Ziering and Dr. Phipps are by far the best in the business. I’m a Rod Stewart impersonator, and thanks to them I have a great looking head of hair!

Joey Lee
Las Vegas, NV

I noticed gradual thinning and hair recession over the last 10 years. I checked several different approaches and decided a hair transplant was the only permanent solution. I then investigated several transplant doctors and decided on Dr. Ziering for his great reputation.

The process was extremely patient-friendly, from the first consultation through surgery and follow up afterwards. I would definitely make the same decision again. The results have been and excellent and worth every penny!

Tax Advisor; Las Vegas, NV

I have suffered from hair loss since I was eighteen years old, went to see Dr. Ziering who was referred to me by my skin-care doctor. Not too excited about a surgical procedure, I hesitated and put off the appointment far too long. Once I brought myself to their office, I was so sorry that I hadn’t been there long before.

I was greeted by Kelly, a very warm and caring lady who spoke with me about preliminary things. She made me feel as though she was there as long I needed to speak. I never felt rushed or felt like there was something else she needed to tend to. She gave me some reassurances and made me feel like she understood my worries. Then, Dr. Phipps came in and gave me all the”real” stuff that I should consider. Her explanations were clear, helpful and she definitely made me more excited about the results. Then came the smiling face of Dr. Ziering and I immediately knew that I was in the right place. After he tousled my hair around and made me laugh a little, we were on our way to paperwork.

Before I could finish, I called my husband and said that he had to take care of his bald spot and that I had found the perfect place. He and I ended up having surgery on the same day. We had so much fun eating lunch together and making fun of each other’s “footies”. It’s something we will never forget.

The staff was attentive and friendly, there was no discomfort and there was never a dull moment with movies, music and just visiting with the staff. The day seemed to pass very quickly and we were on our way. Then we just sat and waited for our hair to grow in…together. I love my life!!!

I hope anyone reading this will definitely consider the Ziering Medical group. I wouldn’t consider any other facility.

Thank you to my “new” best friends.

Marilyn (and Joe too)

Thank you SO much! It was a great experience! I have had many compliments from my friends and family, and my wife loves the new and improved model. I recommend anyone thinking of having a hair transplant to choose Ziering Medical. Dr.Phipps did a wonderful job! Thank you again.

Wynn O’Neill
Laguna Beach, CA

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Ziering and his knowledgeable staff for providing me with a new outlook toward the future. As a young woman, it was difficult for me to contend with hair loss. I started to feel very uncomfortable out in public and even with close friends and family. I did not know how I was going to address my situation. I thought about hairpieces but did not see them as a permanent solution. Then a friend mentioned getting a hair transplant. I thought that hair transplants only addressed male pattern hair loss until I met Dr. Ziering. He took the time to explain hair loss and the corrective actions that can be taken. The decision was painless and simple, and so was the procedure. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.


My hair loss was progressing, and I came to Ziering Medical in November 2005 very depressed. Upon meeting Dr. Ziering, he was very up front and honest. He gave me a very honest idea of what I could expect. He also advised me to immediately begin taking Propecia and Rogaine. The staff at Ziering have been very helpful and always willing to take the time to answer my questions.

I decided to have my first surgery in December of 2005. Dr. Phipps, one of Dr. Ziering’s Associate Surgeons, handled my procedure. I found her to be very concerned and informative. Since that time, things have changed for me for the better. The Propecia and Rogaine have increased my hair thickness dramatically, and the hair growth from my surgery is just beginning. My confidence and quality of life have really increased.

I would highly recommend Ziering Medical to anyone experiencing hair loss.

Jeff Schuman

I was highly impressed with the professionalism and the attention to detail throughout the entire Ziering staff. The technology for the extraction procedure is advanced and efficient, and the staff’s top priority is keeping the patient comfortable. Dr. Ziering is very skilled, and designed a flawless hairline.

Eric H.

I have had great results with Dr. Ziering that exceeded my expectations. He created a natural looking hairline that has improved a number of things in my life, not to mention my self confidence. One of the best investments I’ve made.

F. Juarez

In high school I began to loose my hair due to autoimmune problems. A few years passed and 85% of my hair had come back. My mom had read about Dr. Zieiring in a magazine and took me to see him. He was extremely helpful and did not rush us to do the hair transplant. He recommended treatments other than the surgery. The alternative treatments had worked and I was very thankful for Dr. Ziering’s help, patience and encouragement during the process. He was more interested in helping me than making money. Thank you Dr. Ziering!

Anonymous Daughter
Mission Viejo, CA

It took me a couple of years to finally decided I wanted to try something other than pills to correct my hair loss. From the first visit with Dr. Ziering and his staff I was impressed. It just improved from there. All of the people involved with my particular case were just terrific. What a staff! This company GETS customer service! So what about the outcome? It’s been just about 5 months as of this writing. I could not be more pleased. I have hair! If I knew I was going to be this satisfied I would have honestly paid double. I still might.

These guys rock!

Jim Hale
Thousand Oaks

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