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You know that Ziering provides world-class surgical and non-surgical hair restoration, but why stop there? Millions of men and women have watched their eyelashes gradually disappear through, illness, trauma, age or basic genetics. Doctors call it hypotrichosis, but patients just call it having thin and short eyelashes.

LATISSE® is the medical industry’s new prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes thicker, darker and longer. It’s FDA-approved and shows full, beautiful results in just 12 to 16 weeks.

Long, thick, dark eyelashes are just weeks away by regularly using LATISSE® eyelash growth serum solution consistently on your upper lids with the specialized brush every night. Your eyelashes will experience gradual, measurable growth over time, with noticeable growth after just one to two months.

LATISSE® prescription solution is available through Ziering, and we can answer all your questions about the product and its use. Some patients may experience side effects from using LATISSE®, so call us today to learn more.

With the help of Ziering Medical, you will learn all there is to know about what causes hair loss and discover the best solution for you.  Click below to schedule a consultation.

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