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Dr. Ziering generally prescribes 50 in-clinic sessions for patients who are ready to restore their hair to its former thickness and fullness through laser therapy. Each non-invasive, painless laser hair treatment lasts around 20 minutes. The sessions are spread over a 6 month period, and decrease in frequency as the laser therapy progresses. Each patient’s response varies on an individual basis, depending on the amount of hair loss, hair condition, and genetic history. Some patients begin to see results in as few as 6 to 8 weeks of laser therapy at Ziering.

Ziering uses a cold laser that gives off no heat and cannot harm the skin. The laser helps to promote thicker hair by stimulating the follicles on your scalp which helps to increase energy production and reduce the effects protein-blocking DHT enzymes.

Watch Dr. Ziering use the laser treatment system in this report from NBC affiliate KNBC of Los Angeles.

Ziering Medical Laser Therapy In Clinic​ | Ziering Medical, Las Vegas NV

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