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Gorgeous, vibrant hair is not just about genetics; it’s about cultivating healthy scalp and hair care habits. By prioritizing your hair and scalp’s well-being, you can rejuvenate the look and feel of your hair at every age and stage.

In this guide, we will explore the positive steps you can take to promote hair vitality and vibrance. Whether you’re looking to prevent future hair issues or rejuvenate your current hair health, the key is a balanced and nurturing approach to your hair care routine.

The Importance of Healthy Habits in Hair Loss Prevention

The most common cause of hair loss is genetics or pattern baldness. If hair loss is part of your DNA, then you will experience progressive hair thinning, meaning your hair will begin to miniaturize, becoming finer and thinner over time until it just stops growing altogether.

Unhealthy habits can cause or contribute to hair loss in both men and women – everything from stress, poor diets, severe or tight braids and ponytails to less than optimal hair care habits which may cause irreversible damage to the hair follicles, preventing hair regrowth. If your hair is not looking healthy, it may be time to evaluate your hair care regimen and make improvements. If changing your hair care habits is not revitalizing the appearance and health of your hair or if you are experiencing increased hair shedding, it’s time to consult with the hair experts at Ziering Medical.

Eat A Hair Healthy Diet
You are what you eat. It’s an old adage, but it is as true today as it has been in the past. Your hair reflects your eating habits, which is why a proper diet is crucial in maintaining healthy hair. Surprising as it may seem, hair is made up of keratin which is a form of protein. A hair follicle anchors each hair into the skin. The hair bulb forms the base of the hair follicle. In the hair bulb, living cells divide and grow to build the hair shaft. Your hair moves through a constant hair growth cycle of anagen (growing), catagen (resting), and telogen (shedding) that keeps repeating. At any given time, nearly 90% of your hair is in the growth phase.
A balanced diet helps nourish and regulate the health and vitality of your hair. A healthy hair diet should have plenty of lean protein, green leafy vegetables as well as foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Fish, meat, eggs, and beans are ideal sources of proteins while berries, spinach, nuts, and avocados as well as other fruits and vegetables contain vitamins C and E as well as minerals like iron and zinc. These are needed to fuel cellular activity and grow healthy hair.

Manage Your Stress

Stress and trauma can cause follicles to enter the resting phase prematurely, preventing the growth of new hair and causing hair shedding. This is a reversible condition, but it is much better to avoid this in the first place, as stressinduced hair loss or telogen effluvium could exacerbate or contribute to other factors or preconditions.

Thus, a proactive approach to managing stress levels is ideal. Regular exercise, balanced diets, relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation, and adequate amounts of sleep will keep stress levels down and prevent telogen effluvium. And stay hydrated!

If your hair shedding continues, it’s time to consult with a physician because the shedding may be unmasking genetic hair loss. Or you may just need to up your hair care and maintenance routine by adding a daily application of a specially formulated minoxidil topical, or a hair growth serum like KeraFactor™, the Ziering Laser Cap, and a trusted supplement like ViviscalPRO. Depending on the cause of your hair loss medication, an oral medication like finasteride may be recommended for men or for women who are post-menopausal. Ziering Medical also offers a topical Finasteride, ZFIN, for patients who may not be able to tolerate the oral form of this medication. These products may be used in various combinations to stabilize your hair loss and encourage hair regrowth.

Maintain Clean, Moisturized, and Nourished Hair

Fresh and clean hair is important not just for confidence but also for keeping the scalp healthy, preventing itching, and flaking while maintaining smooth and shiny hair. Keeping hair moisturized and nourished requires high-quality shampoos and conditioners. Avoid products with sulfates, parabens, or other harsh chemicals. But be sure to watch out for signs of over washing which can strip needed moisture from your follicles. It is also important to choose the right kind of shampoo and conditioner that suits one’s particular hair type and needs. Some may be too harsh and damaging
Ziering Medical offers shampoos and conditioners designed for hair and scalp health. Our Follicle Cleanse shampoo and Follicle Sustenance conditioner are hair care products specially formulated to revitalize the scalp, reduce inflammation, provide deep hydration for the hair, and slow down hair shedding. They are made of natural ingredients known to gently cleanse and leave hair smooth, silky, and nourished.
Follicle Cleanse and Follicle Sustenance are the results of our efforts to provide the best possible hair care system to combat thinning and lackluster hair. Formulated with a special colostrum extract, both products are rich in protein and polypeptides, which generously revitalize scalp health, thicken the hair and reduce hair shedding.
Choose the Right Tools and Hairstyles
Not all tools and hairstyles are right for every hair type or even your scalp. For example, certain brushes can work for certain types of hair or hairstyles. Generally, brushes with long and widely spaced plastic bristles are optimal as they are smoother and blunter than natural bristles that are usually sharp or barbed. Hairbrushes with plastic bristles tend to be kinder to the hair. Using heat to style hair can also cause damage, so it is important to avoid overusing hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons as these can make hair rough, dry, and brittle over time which increases breakage and dullness. If you are using hot tools to style your hair, a heat-protectant serum or leave-in conditioning cream is a must. Excessive use of dyes, peroxide treatments, and perming products can also damage the hair or even the follicles themselves. Over-processing your hair, using products with harsh chemicals, and using too much heat with styling devices can cause excessive hair breakage.