Reducing tension on the donor line and minimizing the appearance of the donor scar and is a high priority for most hair transplant patients. The Ziering Tunnel Technique is a hair transplant technique for reducing tension in donor closure during hair transplant surgery. Eliminating tension on the donor closure area typically results in a scar that is barely visible. Developed by Dr. Ziering, the Ziering Tunnel Technique has been taught to other surgeons at international conferences and is being adopted by hair transplant surgeons around the world.

Improving The Art of Hair Transplant Surgery

Always looking for ways to improve the patient experience through improved hair transplant techniques, Dr. Z’s Ziering Tunnel Technique reduces healing time and allows for a more comfortable overall surgery for the patient.

Ziering Medical has surgical centers in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, California, as well as one in Henderson, Nevada. Our convenient locations allow us to offer exceptional hair restoration through innovative hair transplant techniques in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orange County regions. We also have a consultation center in Salt Lake City, Utah for those patients who live outside California and Nevada. For patients who have to travel 100 miles or more to access one of our centers, Ziering Medical proudly offers a unique travel reimbursement program.

Ziering Tunnel Technique

Tunnel Technique – Donor Strip

Ziering Tunnel Technique for Hair Transplant surgery

Donor Area – Closed