hair transplant surgery bladesHaving designed the Ziering blades, the Ziering SP88 and the Ziering SP89, Dr. Ziering continues to break ground in the science and artistry of hair transplantation and hair transplant instruments.

The Ziering Blades such as the Ziering SP88 and the Ziering SP89 are precision hair transplant instruments designed exclusively for microscopic follicular unit grafting and have been proven to provide a better overall result for the patients of Ziering Medical.

Transplanting more grafts to a given area for a thicker, fuller look required hair transplant instruments that would allow surgeons to make more recipient sites, smaller and closer to one another. Dr. Ziering took on the challenge, redesigning his surgical instruments to be ultra thin and precisely shaped like the Ziering SP88 and the Ziering SP89 for creating sites of varied angles as required by the diverse hair growth patterns on the scalp. The result is that the Ziering Blades complete the trio of technological advancements in hair restoration now in use at Ziering Medical: Microscopic Follicular Unit Grafting, the Ziering Scope and the Ziering Blades.

There are four distinct advantages of the Ziering Blades to both surgeon and patient:

The ultra thin Ziering Blades such as the Ziering SP88 and the Ziering SP89 allow grafts to be placed closer together, giving a first time surgery patient the ability to achieve greater density in just one session.

The distinct ultra thin diamond shaped design of the Ziering Blades allows grafts to be easily placed into recipient sites whose center is wide. This prevents compression and protects the new grafts. Additionally, the ultra thin point creates a very small incision, which means diminished scabbing and quicker healing.

For the patient who needs repair work from older surgical techniques, the Ziering Blades allow the surgeon’s unparalleled precision of new graft placement and greater compaction between existing “plugs” to soften their appearance and give a more natural look.

Because hair grows at different angles, a surgeon needs the right hair transplant instruments to recreate the natural flow of hair patterns on each patient’s head. The Ziering Blades give the surgeon ultra precise control over the angle and direction of each incision. This combines artistry with technology to give the greatest appearance of density and natural results.

It is through a hair transplant instrument innovation like the Ziering Blades that Dr. Ziering is able to provide outstanding, natural looking hair transplantations. Recognized as a leader in the art of hair transplant surgery, Dr. Z’s experience ensures that every hair transplant surgery performed by the Ziering Medical surgical team will meet with enthusiastic responses from our patients.