Ziering Medical has partnered with KLARA to offer a secure and high-quality telehealth video appointment experience for our patients. With our telehealth video appointments, you can see and engage with one of our Ziering Hair Restoration Doctors from the comfort of your home. This visit is secure and all you’ll need is your smartphone with a camera, microphone, and a strong WiFi connection.
Once you have scheduled your hair restoration telehealth video consult appointment, follow these steps to ensure a smooth and successful KLARA telehealth video consultation, please follow these steps starting a few minutes before your scheduled session:

Connection and Environment:

  • Ensure your device is in a location with a strong internet connection, preferably in a work environment or at home.

Accessing Your Visit with Your Ziering Doctor:

  • At the scheduled start time, you will receive a text message stating that your doctor has initiated the telehealth appointment.
  • Click on the secure text link.
  • Enter your first and last name plus your date of birth.

Browser Settings:

  • Once you click on the text link, check if your camera and microphone are enabled.
  • If you cannot see or hear your provider, make sure your browser [Chrome for Android, Safari for iPhone] has permission to access your camera or microphone.

Device Settings Check:

  • Verify that your device settings are in order.
  • Check that your microphone and camera are functioning properly.
  • Make sure your device has a stable internet connection.

Starting the Telehealth Visit:

  • Click “I’m Ready” when you are prepared to begin the visit.
  • Join the visit promptly.
  • During the Telehealth Visit:

    • As soon as your provider joins, you will be placed into the telehealth video visit with them.
    • If your provider does not join immediately, please be patient. From time to time, our doctors are working with patients and may be slightly delayed.
    • If for any reason your video visit drops, please restart the above steps to reconnect with your provider.

    After Your Telehealth Visit:

    Once your telehealth video consultation is complete, your Senior Patient Consultant will follow up with you directly to answer any additional questions you may have and determine the next steps. If you haven’t done so already, please add their phone number and email address to your device address book.

    If you need additional assistance preparing for or joining your video consultation, please contact our Call Center Team by calling 800 642-9942.