Your Effective Hair Restoration Options in Raleigh, NC.

Tailored services for lasting hair confidence, offering expert care and natural-looking results for your transformative journey.

Premium Hair Transplant Options in Raleigh, NC

Ziering Medical offers expert solutions for hair restoration, where the fusion of timeless design principles and innovative surgical expertise orchestrates a personalized journey towards remarkable hair restoration, empowering you to address hair loss. Under the seasoned leadership of Dr. Craig Ziering, an eminent figure in the field, we specialize in offering premier hair transplantation solutions for both men and women, setting the highest standard in New York City. Although our presence is not physical in Raleigh, NC, we extend exceptional hair transplant options, directing individuals to our esteemed clinics in New York, Beverly Hills, or Greenwich for consultations.

Experience a meticulously planned transformation managed by industry-leading surgeons proficient in both Follicular Unit Excision and Extraction (FUE) and Microscopically Dissected Elliptical Excision (MDEE), ensuring tailored recommendations designed exclusively for your needs.

Our commitment extends beyond surgical solutions; we also introduce the latest non-surgical therapies and a range of premium products intended to foster scalp and hair health. Prepare for an immersive journey where state-of-the-art technology, advanced surgical methodologies, and holistic care converge to help you regain confidence and well-being through superior hair transplant options in Raleigh, NC.

Discover a new kind of confidence with our top Hair Transplant Options in Raleigh, NC

Hair Transplant
for Men

Advanced, effective hair restoration for your new confident look.

Hair Transplant
for Women

Custom, grace-focused hair restoration, enhancing her confidence.

Hair Transplant for

Confidence-focused hair restoration for individual identity.

Hair Transplant Before & After

For Her
For Him
For Transgender

Ziering Medical offers a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments to provide every patient a custom experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We provide virtual consultations across the entire USA, and our in-person hair restoration services are available at our clinics in New York, California, and Connecticut.

Post-transplant care involves gentle washing, avoiding sun exposure, and following the doctor’s instructions.

Some preventive measures include a healthy diet, avoiding harsh treatments, and stress management.

During the consultation, the doctor assesses hair loss, discusses goals, and recommends suitable treatment.

Costs vary based on the extent of the transplant and technique used.

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