Ziering Medical has developed the following pre and post-treatment instructions. Please read and follow them carefully. They are intended to help you maximize the result of your procedure.

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  • After dinner, start taking medications one hour apart from each other with food. Remove all dressings if any placed, upon arrival to your home the night of your surgery. Use button down shirt. Sleep at a 45-degree angle for the first 3 nights after surgery.

Herbal Skin Cleanser:

  • This is an alcohol-free cleanser that is used to wash the face. It is also used to create the cleanser mix to cleanse your facial transplant. Follow the instructions given on the post- operative care sheet when washing the face.

Saline Solution or Distilled Water:

  • Spritz saline or distilled water to rinse OFF the cleanser mix, then pat dry. Do NOT rub.

Folican Graft Enhancement Spray:

  • This spray manages crusting and optimizes the healing process by using the active ingredient copper tripeptide-1.


  • You may start shaving after 4 weeks.

Post-Operative Comfort Pillow:

  • To be used for 3-4 nights following surgery. It helps to stabilize the head and neck while resting or sleeping to minimize movement for protection of grafts.

Cleanser Mix:

  • Herbal skin cleanser diluted with saline or distilled water to spritz the grafted area for cleansing.

Bacitracin Ointment:

  • To be used on the donor area to prevent an infection.

Six Post-Operative Laser Light Therapy Treatments:

  • These treatments will shorten the healing process and reduce swelling and overall discomfort after your procedure.


  • Apply to suture line daily starting 1 week after suture removal. (See Bio Oil Instruction Sheet).
  • *Disregard for FUE procedures.


  • Scissors These scissors are used for constant maintenance of trimming your facial hair. You may begin to use 10 days after your procedure.
  • Facial brush with comb This brush is used for daily grooming of your facial hair. You may begin to use 10 days after your procedure.

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