Thin Eyelashes? Try LATISSE

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In a perfect world, we would all have lush long eyelashes, but unfortunately, our DNA determines the kind of lashes we develop. Some of you spend lots of money and time applying false lashes to give your thin lashes a boost. Others try so-called lash-building formulas and mascaras, but those, too, are only temporary solutions.  LATISSE®  is your best option when it comes to growing naturally long, thick, dark eyelashes. The method is safe, super-simple and super-fast, and the lush results speak for themselves. This serum is the only FDA-approved prescription treatment for addressing thin eyelashes. Nighttime Application LATISSE® comes in a box with a 30-day prescription supply, and there is nothing complicated about using the serum. Each evening, you will apply one drop of the treatment on the enclosed applicator brushes to each upper eyelid. These are one-timeuse applicators. In other words, use separate brushes and separate drops for each eyelid, and toss the brushes away after using.Our experts can walk you through how to use the serum to achieve the best results. Another cool thing is the LATISSE® iLash Studio app for your iPhone or iPad. It can help you visualize how your lashes could look. You can track your progress throughout the treatment, too.Longer, Thicker, DarkerLATISSE® really grows thin lashes in length and fullness. Some even report darker lashes. Plenty of clinical studies have been done on the product, and the results have been impressive. For instance, after four months of treatment, patients saw their lashes become 25 percent longer, 106 percent thicker and 18 percent darker.

You don’t have to wait forever, either. Every individual is unique, but generally, LATISSE® delivers noticeable results at eight weeks and full results usually at 12 to 16 weeks.

Using Growth Cycle System

LATISSE®’s special serum is able to tap into the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle in two ways. First, the prescription treatment has the ability to increase the length of the growth phase. Second, LATISSE® can increase the total number of hairs during the growth phase.

After you achieve the perfect long, thick, dark lashes you’ve always dreamed of (4-month mark), you can go on the LATISSE® maintenance program. That means you would only apply the treatment to the upper eyelids two or three times a week.

Let’s be honest. Gorgeous, long, lush lashes are one of the best features you can have, and today, you can safely grow them within a few weeks. If you are frustrated by thin or inadequate eyelashes, consider LATISSE®. Here at  Ziering Medical , our team of beauty experts knows exactly how the treatment works and what you can expect. We can show you how to grow natural, glamorous lashes at one of our locations in Las Vegas, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and New York.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation!