The Transgender Hair Transplant: Procedure, Cost, and Expected Results

As June marks Pride month, it is an opportune time to shed light on the importance of transgender healthcare and gender affirmation. For many transgender persons, transitioning can involve various aspects, including hair restoration. MTF (Male-to-Female) hair transplant or FTM (Female-to-Male) can help individuals align their appearance with their gender identity by providing a more feminine hairline or adding facial hair like beards, sideburns, and mustaches to achieve a stronger, more masculine appearance.

What Is A Transgender Hair Transplant?

Transgender hair restoration with MTF or FTM hair transplants is a hair restoration procedure performed to help a transitioning patient have a more feminine or male appearance consistent with the patient’s desired aesthetic outcomes. 

For our MTF patients, this procedure reshapes the existing male hairline into a softer, rounded, and feminine hairline that enhances the patient’s facial framing. On the other hand, our FTM hair restoration patients are looking to add facial hair to present a more masculine look.

How Are Transgender Hair Transplants Done?

Transgender hair transplant uses the same surgical techniques and technology as other hair restoration procedures. However, this procedure demands exceptional artistry and skill to design the aesthetic change but also a natural-looking result for transitioning men and women. 

To achieve a successful transgender hair transplant, it is crucial to have a full understanding of the aesthetic differences between male and female hairlines and faces. 

However, this is just one of the critical aspects to consider. This is why it is important to choose a hair restoration surgeon who specializes in transgender hair transplantation. At Ziering Medical, we perform both MDEE (FUT) and FUE techniques. Our surgeons will recommend what procedure is best for each patient.

Are Good Candidates for Transgender Hair Transplants?

Individuals who are undergoing or have completed their transition from male to female and or female to male and desire a more feminine hairline or more facial hair are good candidates for transgender hair transplants

The ideal candidate should have sufficient donor hair and be in overall good health. During your consultation, your Ziering surgeon will assess your unique needs and determine what hair restoration procedure is best for you.

How Much Does MTF or FTM Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of a transgender hair transplant can vary depending on various factors, such as the amount of hair loss, the extent of the procedure, any additional treatments required, and the hair transplant surgeon’s expertise and experience. But it’s always worth the investment. 

It’s important to consult with a Ziering surgeon to get a personalized cost estimate based on your individual needs and customized treatment plan.

What Results Can I Expect After My Transgender Hair Transplant?

The full results of your hair transplant will not be immediately visible, as the transplanted follicles follow their natural growth cycle. Typically, around three months after the procedure, when the follicles have completed their resting stage, new hair growth should slowly begin with the transplanted hair becoming stronger and more visible over time. 

It may take up to 12 – 18 months for the hair growth to fully mature and reach a point where it can be evaluated and assessed. For most transgender patients, surgical and non-surgical therapies are recommended. This approach addresses female and male pattern hair loss, stimulates transgender hair regrowth, and ensures lasting and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

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Why Ziering Medical Is a Leading Authority in Transgender Hair Transplant

Led by Dr. Craig Ziering, a renowned authority in transgender hair restoration surgery, the elite Ziering Medical Surgical Team has helped several transgender individuals, including celebrities, achieve their aesthetic goals and gain full confidence in themselves. 

Want to know more about transgender hair transplants? Call us to schedule a transgender hair restoration consultation at Ziering Medical. 

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