MDEE or Strip Harvest Procedure is Ideal for Many Patientsbout It

At Ziering, we utilize many technologies and methods to achieve optimum hair restoration for our patients. This includes Microscopically Dissected Elliptical Excision (MDEE) or strip harvest procedures, which remains a good choice for some patients because this type of surgery can deliver the highest number of yield in terms of grafts per session.

Experiencing significant hair loss but don’t wear your hair short? Want to get the most aesthetic change possible in one surgery? MDEE at Ziering Medical may be the best choice for you. The patient in this picture underwent a strip harvest procedure at Ziering Medical and these are the results 9 months post-op after one MDEE procedure with 4406 grafts.

Using local anesthetic, MDEE hair transplants are performed in our state-of-the-art ORs using the most advanced technologies.  A strip of tissue is removed from the donor zone and dissected into follicular units of 1 to 4 hairs using the Ziering Scope. These are then grafted onto the recipient sites. Our treatment plans often combine surgical and non-surgical therapies. Such as medication, platelet-rich plasma and Z-Factors in order to achieve your aesthetic goals. Your Ziering hair doctors will be able to review with you which options will work best for your unique case.

MDEE Benefits: Transplanting Double Follicles Compared to FUE 

One of the main benefits of MDEE over FUE is that large numbers of follicular units can be transplanted in one session. The greatest number of units transferred during an FUE treatment is about 2,000. Whereas a MDEE surgery may yield double the hair harvest. 

In MDEE procedures, the harvested hair are from the scalp’s “sweet spot,” the area with the highest number of follicular units and the best quality of hair. This is why Follicular Unit Strip Surgery remains a popular choice for many. 

Want to go for a quicker “super session” with MDEE, with up to 4,000 or more follicular units transferred in a single surgery? Depending on your donor hair density, you might be an ideal candidate and can achieve the most dramatic aesthetic transformation in a single procedure.

Because of this, MDEE is the most economical option. It is also recommended for women who usually do not wear their hair short. It is also ideal for patients who cannot commit to multiple surgery sessions.


To learn more about your best hair restoration options, reach out to Ziering Medical to book a consultation. We have clinics in Beverly Hills, California; Greenwich, Connecticut; and New York City, New York.