How Ziering Patients Decided to Get Hair Transplantsbout It

Taking the first step towards your hair restoration journey is a big decision. Researching hair loss treatments, hair restoration procedures, hair transplantation clinics, and finally scheduling a consultation, all this takes time, effort and determination as individuals realize that they may want to undergo treatment. It is not an easy process, especially if you are alone. Thankfully, you aren’t alone, because Ziering Medical is here to help our patients by providing them with the information and advice they need to make the right decision regarding their hairlines and their self-image. 

How Our Patients Chose Ziering Medical for their Hair Transplants 

Based on the experiences of Ziering’s satisfied patients, their hair restoration journeys began with the realization or suspicion that they were experiencing thinning hairlines in their 20s or 30s. While this is not a rare occurrence, it nonetheless affected their self-confidence and self-image, motivating them to look for a hair restoration clinic they could count on. 

Those who took proactive measures and visited Ziering for a consultation were relieved when they saw the caliber of Ziering’s services. This includes the way the team treats their patients, approaching them genuinely and kindly, while giving them personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs. Seeing the Ziering team’s commitment to help them inspired our patients to proceed confidently with the next step of the hair restoration process, namely moving forward with hair transplantation. 

Patients say that while other establishments rubbed them the wrong way with overly sales-y approaches. Some worried about unnatural-looking outcomes. But with due research, they realized that they could count on the skills and artistry of the Ziering Medical team. Our  track record and the team’s realistic, patient-centered approach made them decide that Ziering was their best choice. 

Hair Follicle Assessment at Ziering Medical 

After patients decide to have a consultation at Ziering Medical, we assess the state of their scalp and hair follicles to determine the level of hair loss they are experiencing and their exact hair restoration needs.

This process is aided by our high-tech diagnostic equipment, particularly the state of the art oVio360 machine. This apparatus embodies Ziering Medical’s investment in best-in-class equipment, which extends beyond the treatment devices used in the operating room. 

Looking like something out of science fiction, this is a first-of-its-kind photo imaging technology utilizing two HD cameras to provide 360-degree views of our patients’ scalps. The stills and video captured during a patient’s consultation provide our surgeons with the highest level of visibility of our patients’ hair loss, allowing them to determine the level of hair loss and create fully customized treatment plans.

This is part of how we can tend to our patients with precision, and why patients can rest assured that their hairlines are in the best hands. 


Interested in this treatment? Reach out to Ziering Medical. We have clinics in Beverly Hills, California; Greenwich, Connecticut; and New York City, New York.