Dr. Craig Ziering Featured in The Hollywood Reporter | Hollywood’s Go-To Specialists for “Natural Results,” From Lips to Body Contouring

These 29 doctors, nurses and aestheticians offer everything from liquid nose jobs and body sculpting to eyebrow transplants and veneers.

Hair Restoration

Many leading men are sporting much fuller, plush heads, thanks to advanced hair transplant techniques. Dr. Craig Ziering (zieringmedical.com) and Dr. Gary Perrault (lahairmd.com) are Hollywood’s go-tos for both men and women. They even perform eyebrow transplants for those desperately seeking bodacious brows. And Beverly Hills- and San Diego-based dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio (mbeautyclinic.com) is in high demand for her nonsurgical regenerative treatment using Platelet Rich Plasma. “This is best for early stages of hair loss when the hair follicles are still present,” she says.

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