Hair Care Advice for Autumn from the Experts

A dry or itchy  scalp may be common during the colder months like fall and winter. This dryness can have visible results such as dandruff, and the lack of hydration is generally unhealthy for the scalp and hair follicles. Thankfully, the experts at Ziering Medical are here to help you maintain optimum health for your scalp and your precious hair follicles. Here’s our hair care advice for the colder months ahead.

Ziering Medical’s Autumn Hair Care Advice 

With the coming of autumn and winter, you need to up your hair care routine for added protection. The changing weather will bring about a lot of changes in your skin as well, the decreasing temperatures results in scalp dryness that in turn increases hair breakage. Here are a few ways to prevent that from happening. 

Give Your Scalp Extra Moisture

Use mask or gloss treatments that will condition hair ends and give your hair a healthy shine. Bi-weekly deep conditioning treatments can also address static and tangles that come with using fall headwear. A few minutes of pampering several times a week will help keep your hair healthy. 

Extra care is necessary because the lower temperatures can  extract the moisture from your strands, causing static and frizz. Washing your hair less often can also help it retain more moisture. If your scalp is really dry and your hair prone to breakage, consider adding  Kerafactor 2.0 treatment to your hair care routine.

Don’t Overheat Your Hair

Because the weather is causing issues like hair breakage, dandruff, dry and itchy scalp more prevalent, hair should not be exposed to high heat that can add to the hair damage. Hot water, regular use of hair dryers, heat styling, and the like will just increase the dryness of your hair, so do what you can to eliminate unnecessary exposure to harsh heat sources

Refrain from Wearing Ponytails

Ponytails can be a great hair style for hot summer weather, keeping hair off of your neck and face while it may be hot and humid. However, during these colder, drier months ponytails can cause breakage and scalp stress, leading to unnecessary harm to the scalp and hair follicles. So during these months hair should be worn mostly down or softly pinned up to reduce hair and scalp stress.

Protect Your Hair with Style 

Fashionable hats and other headwear can help lock in moisture and shield hair from dry weather. Hats can stylishly protect hair while keeping your scalp warm and tucked away from the wind.  There are also protective styles including two-strand twists, wigs, braids and more that can offer non-traditional protection. For optimum results the hair must be prepared beforehand, moisturized and treated with the right products. 

Remove Summer Damage

Autumn is a season of change. A change in hairstyle can match the season’s theme, so consider getting a trim to remove hair that’s been damaged during the summer and to give yourself a fresh look for fall. 

Use Shampoos and Conditioners that Promote Scalp and Hair Health

Consider switching to shampoos for dry hair during the autumn and winter months. Ideally, the shampoos and conditioners should be designed to protect, nurture and heal hair and scalps. Ziering Medical’s shampoo and conditioner, Follicle Cleanse and Follicle Sustenance, do just that. With his exclusive shampoo and conditioner, Follicle Cleanse and Follicle Sustenance, Dr. Craig Ziering provides a way for people to enhance the health of their hair and fight hair loss with a regular, at-home, routine.

Follicle Cleanse and Follicle Sustenance will maintain great hair no matter what season it is. It can keep the hair strong, shiny, thick and healthy, while providing restorative cleansing and conditioning. 

They are formulated with a colostrum extract, an ingredient rich in protein and polypeptides which revitalize the scalp and regenerate and strengthen dull and thinning hair. These unique combined ingredients promote overall health, restore healthy scalp and hair, and improve general hair condition and appearance for both men and women. Additionally, the colostrum extract has inflammation reducing capabilities.

Hair Care Advice Takeaways

Want more hair care advice for the fall and winter seasons? Looking for specialized hair restoration products or treatments? Reach out to Ziering Medical. We have clinics in Beverly Hills, California; Greenwich, Connecticut; and New York City, New York, and proudly serve patients from around the world