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2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

2000 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplant, Age 63, Showing Pre-Op Photos and Immediately Post-Op.

*Individual results may vary


My hair loss was progressing, and I came to Ziering Medical in November 2005 very depressed. Upon meeting Dr. Ziering, he was very up front and honest. He gave me a very honest idea of what I could expect. He also advised me to immediately begin taking Propecia and Rogaine. The staff at Ziering have been very helpful and always willing to take the time to answer my questions.

I decided to have my first surgery in December of 2005. Dr. Phipps, one of Dr. Ziering’s Associate Surgeons, handled my procedure. I found her to be very concerned and informative. Since that time, things have changed for me for the better. The Propecia and Rogaine have increased my hair thickness dramatically, and the hair growth from my surgery is just beginning. My confidence and quality of life have really increased.

I would highly recommend Ziering Medical to anyone experiencing hair loss.

Jeff Schuman

I noticed gradual thinning and hair recession over the last 10 years. I checked several different approaches and decided a hair transplant was the only permanent solution. I then investigated several transplant doctors and decided on Dr. Ziering for his great reputation.

The process was extremely patient-friendly, from the first consultation through surgery and follow up afterwards. I would definitely make the same decision again. The results have been and excellent and worth every penny!

Tax Advisor; Las Vegas, NV

I have suffered from hair loss since I was eighteen years old, went to see Dr. Ziering who was referred to me by my skin-care doctor. Not too excited about a surgical procedure, I hesitated and put off the appointment far too long. Once I brought myself to their office, I was so sorry that I hadn’t been there long before.

I was greeted by Kelly, a very warm and caring lady who spoke with me about preliminary things. She made me feel as though she was there as long I needed to speak. I never felt rushed or felt like there was something else she needed to tend to. She gave me some reassurances and made me feel like she understood my worries. Then, Dr. Phipps came in and gave me all the”real” stuff that I should consider. Her explanations were clear, helpful and she definitely made me more excited about the results. Then came the smiling face of Dr. Ziering and I immediately knew that I was in the right place. After he tousled my hair around and made me laugh a little, we were on our way to paperwork.

Before I could finish, I called my husband and said that he had to take care of his bald spot and that I had found the perfect place. He and I ended up having surgery on the same day. We had so much fun eating lunch together and making fun of each other’s “footies”. It’s something we will never forget.

The staff was attentive and friendly, there was no discomfort and there was never a dull moment with movies, music and just visiting with the staff. The day seemed to pass very quickly and we were on our way. Then we just sat and waited for our hair to grow in…together. I love my life!!!

I hope anyone reading this will definitely consider the Ziering Medical group. I wouldn’t consider any other facility.

Thank you to my “new” best friends.

Marilyn (and Joe too)

From the first minute I entered Ziering Medical, I knew I was being listened to and taken care of. I have been to other cosmetic surgeons for consultations of various sorts, and they usually turn me off because they’re more salesmen than doctors. This is NOT one of those places. Ziering Medical was attentive and respectful right from the outset; I felt cared for and appreciated as a person and not just as a source of revenue…I felt supported all the way and that I never had to hold back with any questions or concerns.
On the day of my procedure, I was greeted warmly and introduced to the entire team who would be working on me. Everyone was welcoming, and more importantly professional – no second thoughts or buyers remorse here.What really struck me was the dedication of the entire staff to one patient – me – the entire time. When they say they focus on quality not quantity, they mean it… during the procedure I felt that the entire house was dedicated to me. They had no fewer than seven technicians working on dissecting the strip (I had FUT) into thousands of follicles, and a doctor was there at all times to make sure I had no pain. Dr. Ziering himself performed my procedure; he is a pleasure to work with and has a great sense of humor. At the end, the staff made absolutely sure I was ready to head home and in full understanding of the post-op instructions. It’s hard to describe a surgery as an enjoyable experience, but this comes close!
In my follow-up appointments… I was ecstatic to share my amazing results, and Dr. Ziering, Dr. Ross, and Kayla shared in my enthusiasm…i am so pleased with the results; even after just six months the difference is tremendous; when I run my fingers through my hair it feels full, and the difference in photos is remarkable. In the front, above my forehead, I used to have a big tuft of hair surrounded by two empty spaces, now it looks completely full. When I see myself in a photo or in a mirror, I no longer think “oh no, I’m going bald”. Moreover it looks and feels completely natural, Dr. Ziering matched the natural growth pattern of my hair so there’s really no way anyone could tell, unless you love talking about it like I do! I tell all of my friends and encourage them to look into it…All in all I could not be more pleased with the procedure, the staff, and the results.

Christopher B.

I wanted to send a note of thanks to you all for a wonderful, pain free graft day last Wed Sept 17. My grafts are doing great and I have had no ill effects at all. I am so in awe of the wonderful working relationships you all have with one another. You are always laughing and no matter how early in the day, always in top form. What a wonderful working environment and I know that it makes Dr. Z feel great to be around that kind of atmosphere to work also. My thanks go first to Dr. Z who is the best in the world at what he does.

I want to give the highest regards to Carl Cohen who organized and takes care of getting me inside the door. I also want to thank Jeanine and Alicia for all their help.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to the great crew of Jane, Erika S., Nune P., Grace C., Liz, Cynthia, Connie, Raquel, Joy, Erika R., and Nune B. You are all wonderful people and make coming in for a hair restoration procedure an exciting adventure. Thank YOU ALL.


I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I had surgery about one week ago, and it was as smooth as can be. The staff was warm, well educated on the entire process, and nurturing throughout the procedure. Dr. Ziering was great and the procedure was quick and without much discomfort. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. I will keep you updated on my progress.


Thank you SO much! It was a great experience! I have had many compliments from my friends and family, and my wife loves the new and improved model. I recommend anyone thinking of having a hair transplant to choose Ziering Medical. Dr.Phipps did a wonderful job! Thank you again.

Wynn O’Neill
Laguna Beach, CA

I was very pleased with the cosmetic results of my surgery and I was equally pleased with the caring service of the medical center’s staff. The procedure was painless. I was given pain medication, but I did not even require it post surgery. The procedure room was antiseptic but very comfortable. I was able to watch three videos, listen to some music and have a great lunch. I would like to thank Dr. Ziering and his staff for their caring professional demeanor. They made a day in surgery, strange to say, a most enjoyable experience.


I debated for some time with great reservation whether to proceed or not with hair transplant surgery. My greatest concern as a practicing physician was that my patients might notice that I underwent hair restoration. I returned to my normal, daily routine almost immediately after my procedure. Much to my delight no one, not even my colleagues, were able to tell that I had anything done. My experience with the procedure has been simple, painless, and virtually unnoticeable. Dr. Ziering and his team are amazing.


My hair was thinning and it was getting to the point where it going to start to be noticeable. At the time, I was working with a Hollywood celebrity. One day he came into the office and said he had gone to Dr. Ziering to have hair grafts, the results were amazing, and that I should do the same.
I filed the idea away and six months later went to see Dr. Ziering. I never did any research about his stature in the field. I operated on the assumption that my boss and his PR team had vetted him thoroughly, given that his appearance was central to his livelihood.
I had the procedure done and it looked amazing. It was so subtle that to this day, no one has ever asked me if I’d ever done something with my hair. Dr. Ziering does more than put hair grafts in. He’s a real artist—and that’s what I believe separates him from others in his field.
Beyond that, he’s a good human being—and his staff is an absolute pleasure to work with. I couldn’t give him higher marks. This is the first time I’ve used Yelp—and I’m only doing it because I was so taken by my experience in his office.”

Peter L.

I first began to notice my hair loss 5 years ago. To see changes in the appearance of my balding hair, I felt helpless, depressed and unattractive. I tried numerous ‘over the counter’ tablets which promised to both prevent further hair loss and to promote hair growth. I also had a very expensive laser treatment. All of which were unsuccessful. I then resorted to a “Hair System” which again was very expensive to have initially and to maintain it.

I then saw a video of the celebrity Jason Gardiner on Youtube and decided to book myself in for a consultation with Kevin in Bristol. Kevin explained how the hair transplant would take place and hair transplantation involved.

Five months prior to my consultation, I went ahead and had the procedure. The staff were friendly, helpful and professional. Dr. Christian was very sympathetic in understanding how my hair loss had affected my life. I can not thank the staff enough.

Having had my hair transplant, feel as though I have a new lease of life. My confidence has soared and I finally feel attractive again. I am thrilled with the results. I cannot recommend Ziering Medical highly enough. The staff and the procedure are fantastic and the results are life changing.


In life, we are presented with many different challenges. In my humble opinion, we have two choices: lean into the challenge and face it head on; or cover up and procrastinate for whatever the reason. Unfortunately for me, I chose the latter and for more than twenty years lived with the terrible pain of hair loss. It was the result of a lye based perm which had been left on my hair too long. At first, of course, there was tremendous shock and horror; then I convinced myself that massages, oils, and various creams would help but nothing did. Finally it was time to confront my fear: I sought the advice of two different doctors who were said to be pioneers in the field of hair restoration. I came to the conclusion that the options that were given were not right for me. Several more years went by, and finally I met Dr. Ziering and more than twenty years of embarrassment, of wearing hats, scarves, anything to camouflage the area of hair loss, were gone. From the moment I walked into the office for my consultation, I knew I had made the right decision. The surgery was amazing. Dr. Ziering and his staff made me feel comfortable and extremely well taken care of. There was a very vital peace that had been missing for so long. Dr. Ziering and his wonderful staff helped me to feel whole again.

Mary W.

Making the decision after thirty years of wearing a hair system was an easy one. I investigated three leaders in the field of hair transplantation and Ziering overwhelmingly received the highest marks.

After my first procedure I continued to wear a system. My stylist, who was employed by a competitor of Ziering, commented that she didn’t think her team could do as good-a-job as Ziering had done.

That confirmed to me my decision to choose Ziering was right.

The physician and team performed an outstanding job. The procedure seemed so effortless on my part, but I know it was painstakingly difficult. Each member of the team performed to an elevated level.

I have completed three procedures and I am happy with the decision and the final result.
In my humble opinion Ziering is the overall leader in the industry.

James Snarr

This whole experience has truly changed my life. I had 2,700 grafts (approximately 6,700 hairs) transplanted to the front and top of my head. Finally, I have the self-esteem back that I started losing twelve years ago. Dr. Ziering, who I know has to be the best surgeon in the world, should really give it up and become a comedian. He had me laughing so hard that I never became nervous about the actual procedure. Dr. Ziering has helped me turn my life around in such a positive way.


I started losing my hair at 19. It was very distressing as I always had full, long hair and it was a way of expressing myself creatively. My experience with the Ziering Medical staff and surgeon has been a welcome relief. All were very warm, pleasant, helpful and professional. There’s still not much said or talked about genetic female hair loss especially at a young age. It has affected my self esteem and I have been made to feel guilty in the past. Knowledge is most definitely power and in my case ignorance played a major part in the horrible condition of my hair. After ten years of facing female hair loss, the decision to have restoration surgery has given me hope and a better perspective on my future. I’m hopeful my hair will grow again and in the process learning to take better care of my hair and seek different simple ways to style my hair. If able to, I would have hair restoration surgery again. Out of this experience, I’ve learned not to feel so alone. Coming here has made me realize that I’m not the only one going through this and it makes me feel not as bad. I’m now excited about entering my thirties with more confidence and thrilled about the possibilities.


From the moment you enter the facility to the time you leave, everyone takes a personal interest in your case. Being a leader in the twenty-nine restaurants that I operate, I understand how it takes a maestro to make it all happen, from training and managing your excellent staff to executing a flawless surgery. Dr. Ziering, you are that person! I can’t tell you how overly satisfied I have been with your expertise! The results have been fantastic. I look and feel years younger. My confidence, personally and professionally, has been renewed. I can truly call you my ‘doctor’ and ‘friend’ which everyone who visits you will certainly agree.


Dr. Ziering is a prince of a man and an individual that listens intensely to your questions and without hesitation gives you a straight answer. I also enjoyed his humor during my surgery. He is an exceptional surgeon and human being.

Corporate CEO

I am physician and surgeon and rarely am I in a position of evaluating a fellow physician from the perspective of a patient. However from the initial consultation to the actual surgical procedure, I was extremely comforted by Dr. Ziering and his staffs’ courteousness and professionalism. They are true experts in the business of patient care and even I will be incorporating some of their humanism and compassion into my own practice. I have to congratulate Dr. Ziering and his great staff for the compassion and superior surgical care extended to me.

Dr. Harrison Lee
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

My daughter began losing much of her hair due to illness. She was in high school, so needless to say, it was an extremely difficult time. After a few years, her health was restored and her hair started to grow back. She wanted it thicker, so we went to Dr. Ziering. He was honest and not anxious to perform the procedure before recommending alternative treatments which were much less expensive.

After treatment for about 6 months, she improved dramatically. Dr. Ziering did not believe that she needed transplants. He told her that he would do the transplants if she wanted, but she was beautiful without them. He was encouraging and he really helped her without surgery.

Anonymous Mother
Mission Viejo, CA

I want to take this time to thank you for the great care that was afforded me by the staff at The Ziering Medical Group. I was impressed by the high level of competence and professionalism shown by your entire staff. Because my procedure was conducted in such skillful and efficient manner, there was virtually no impact on my personal life.

Your pre and post operative instructions were accurate and thorough and aided my recovery beyond my most optimistic expectations.

I am extremely impressed by my results. My only regret was not having done the procedure sooner.

Thank you again and my best to your entire staff.


My experience with Dr. Ziering and his team exceeded every expectation I had. My hair started to grow within 3 months of the procedure.

I have a public-facing profession and many people I encounter don’t even know how old I am. I have been told that I look 10 -15 years younger. I applaud and salute the Ziering Medical Team! Thank You!

Lou Lopez

I started losing my hair in College. My family has a history of hair loss on my father and mothers side and I was determined to reverse the cycle. I began using Rogaine for about 5 years and then started taking Propecia. The loss was minimized but it still continued so I actually gave up on taking my medication as I figured it was inevitable, I would just accept my thinning hair.

This changed when my wife researched hair loss restoration options, and we were watching TV and saw some of the Extreme Makeover programs. Living in Las Vegas, I was excited to know that I could go meet the staff and learn about the process. The consultation was very informative and gave me the confidence to have the procedure. Almost a year to the day from my procedure, I am thrilled with the results. I get positive comments from friends who know me before and those who I haven’t seen in some time and they are always amazed at the results as I am. I would strongly encourage others to consider having this done as it will change your life in such a positive way. I personally would like to thank the team in Las Vegas for being so professional and the medical staff for working their magic as you changed my life and I am very grateful to all of you.

John A. Hillman
Las Vegas, NV

This has really been a great experience and it started with you! Dr. Ziering has a great team! Dr. Phipps is very funny! I love her sense of humor! Liz & Paola were great! They were both so kind and considerate and tried to make me as comfortable as possible throughout the day! Dr. Ziering has a great bedside manner and I really appreciated his kindness and his confidence in the results I will achieve.

Another happy patient.


I just wanted to take a moment to convey my deepest appreciation for everything you did for me last Tuesday.

Thinking about this entire process over the past month make me nervous especially since we were going to be filmed live for Fox News, but you and you staff made an uncomfortable situation beyond relaxing for me. The professionalism that you and your staff displayed was unequivocally perfect.

Upon seeing the work you performed, I was instantly impress by the care and detail of the graft placement. More importantly, you did exactly what you said you would regarding density in certain areas, creating a natural looking hairline zone. I can tell when my hair grows in, it will blend perfectly. I am anxiously awaiting all my new hair to come in.

Dr. Ziering, you truly are a talented individual in this area of cosmetic surgery. I am honored to be associated with you and will certainly recommend (and in fact, already have recommended) your services to friends and business acquaintances.

Peter Weinhold
Corporate Vice President

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