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Ziering Medical provides custom hair restoration transplants, designing natural, artistic hairlines, and providing the highest level of support and care before, during, and after the procedure. 

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Ziering Medical is the elite hair restoration destination in the world, providing custom treatments and restorations for all hair types and concerns. 

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Zerings Medical Female Hair Transplant Beverly Hills


About 4 million people each year face
the reality that their eyebrow hair is thinning.

Eyebrow Hair Restoration Surgery Results Before and After Patient 1 | Ziering Medical | West Hollywood CA, Newport Beach CA, New York NY, Greenwich CT, Las Vegas NVLearn More


This area, when filled correctly, helps
shape the head and face and provide
a younger, more natural look to
the hairline.

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Female pattern baldness usually
begins with a receding hairline or thinning part.
It's important to intervene as early as
possible so that minimal recovery
is needed.

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Custom Approach



  • Discreet, private hair restoration consultations
  • Top hair loss experts and surgeons in this field of science and medicine
  • Innovative surgical and non-surgical hair restoration and regeneration therapies and treatments
  • Advanced surgical techniques and modern technologies that deliver superior results
  • Exceptional management and care of your precious donor hair
  • Extraordinary attention to the artistic details of the hair transplant design
  • Multi-therapeutic treatment strategies to minimize the progressive nature of hair loss for your lifetime
  • Permanent, completely natural results
  • Unparalleled post surgical care
  • The Ziering commitment to remain on the forefront of the industry for the purpose of offering the very best in patient care and proven treatment options
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before and after BEFORE

The most common cause of eyebrow hair loss in women is over-plucking which over a period of time permanently damages the hair follicle creating scar tissue and complete loss of hair growth.

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Discover how you can have healthier, thicker hair and MORE of it with Ziering Medical. With offices coast-to-coast, your access to our unique approach to treating your hair loss begins when you to schedule your consultation.

Our Team

Dr. Craig Ziering | NY, Greenwich CT, Las Vegas NV
Dr. Rae Lynne | Ziering Medical | NY, Greenwich CT, Las Vegas NV
Dr. James CadlerNY, Greenwich CT, Las Vegas NV
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real people real results

“I’ve been a brow artist so I truly understand the power of a beautiful brow, and the way they can enhance facial features. When I heard about eyebrow transplants, I knew it would probably be right for me as my hereditary eyebrows were sparse and I made them even thinner from millennial over-plucking. Additionally, they were much lower in growth pattern than I wanted. I felt my procedure was a little Casanova as I requested more grafts than usual. I was going for that Cara Delavigne/ Gigi Hadid, never-been-plucked level of thick and I had some very scanty brows in place.


Dr Ziering and his team were able to transform the shape of my eyebrows from thin to full, and I really like the way they’ve been restored. For those who don’t like to wear makeup and feel it’s a hassle, I think this procedure is still a huge improvement- I’m just a perfectionist and I personally like the look of a little makeup.

Some advice: It’s important to understand that you may expect your after to look like an eyebrow model, but to get your eyebrows to look on point/peak/fleak you have to trim and style them.

Some advice: It’s important to understand that you may expect your after to look like an eyebrow model, but to get your eyebrows to look on point/peak/fleak you have to trim and style them. I still use a little pencil or powder to further artistically define their shape, yet I no longer feel like I always have to be wearing pencil to avoid looking sickly. Learning to trim and style transplanted brows can be tricky if you’re not a makeup pro, so I would say having a brow stylist who’s familiar with transplants to show how you how, can go very far.

I would do this procedure ten times over again and I really believe it’s one of the most underrated out there. If you want a Hollywood beauty secret to great eyebrows, this is it!”


Ziering Medical would like to express our support and best wishes to all of you during this difficult time.

Ziering Medical has suspended our full menu of services to abide by the state action that all nonessential businesses in California must close. But while our office is closed for in-person consultations and procedures, we are still offering virtual consultations. 

If you would like to schedule your virtual consultation please do so by clicking the button below and filling out a request form. 

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