The Importance of Healthy Habits in Hair Loss Prevention

The Importance of Healthy Habits in Hair Loss Prevention

  • Post published:March 31, 2022

 The Importance of Healthy Habits in Hair Loss Prevention

At Ziering Medical, we firmly believe in promoting hair health and vitality along with addressing hair loss as early as possible. Preventing hair shedding and loss from developing in the first place is the best way to fight hair loss. Here are healthy habits as well as products and treatments that can help in hair loss prevention:

Healthy Diet

A balanced diet helps nourish and regulate the health and vitality of your hair. A healthy hair diet should have plenty of lean protein, green leafy vegetables as well as foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

Manage Stress Levels

Stress and trauma can cause follicles to enter the resting phase, preventing the growth of new hair and causing hair shedding. This is a reversible condition, but it is much better to avoid this in the first place, as stress-induced hair loss or telogen effluvium could exacerbate or contribute to other factors or preconditions.

Maintain Clean and Moisturized Hair

Fresh and clean hair is important not just for confidence but also for keeping the scalp healthy, preventing itching and flaking while maintaining smooth and shiny hair. Keeping hair moisturized and nourished requires good shampoos and conditioners. Avoid products with sulfates, parabens, or other chemicals. But be sure to watch out for signs of over washing which can strip needed moisture from your follicles.

Choose the Right Hair Care Products

Ziering Medical offers shampoos and conditioners designed for hair and scalp health. Our Follicle Cleanse shampoo and Follicle Sustenance conditioner are hair care products specially formulated to revitalize the scalp, reduce inflammation, provide deep hydration for the hair, and slow down hair shedding. They are made of natural ingredients known to gently cleanse and leave hair smooth, silky, and nourished.

Follicle Cleanse and Follicle Sustenance are the results of our efforts to provide the best possible hair care system to combat thinning and lackluster hair. Formulated with a special colostrum extract, both products are rich in protein and polypeptides, which generously revitalize scalp health, thicken the hair and reduce hair shedding.

While your hair may appear to be constantly regenerating or regrowing, like everything else you should not neglect to take excellent care of it. As you age, your hair may need more TLC. Healthy habits can help maintain hair growth, shine, and thickness. If you begin to see more hair in your shower drain, it’s time to check in with a hair loss expert and make sure you are doing all that you can to love the hair you have!  Early intervention is key – especially if male or female pattern loss is at play! 

Hair preservation is a central component of every hair restoration treatment plan at Ziering Medical.


As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  Get started with a new hair routine and regimen by scheduling a consultation with the Ziering Team of Hair Loss Experts.