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I begin to notice that my hair was thinning approximately 8 years ago and decided to become proactive and change my hair style to locks to prevent further thinning. About 4 years, I developed an itchy scalp and more thinning along with boils like pimples on my scalp. I saw a dermatologist about my itchy scalp and the thinning. He prescribed oral and cream medications that temporarily help with the itch but did nothing for the thinning. The itch disappeared for a season and continued to return and became worse. The itch was horrible the first 9 months of 2007, it was constant. I would sometime scratch my scalp raw. Also, the thinning became more noticeable. I had bald spots around the edges and two bald spots about the size of a quarter at the top of my head. I needed to find the source of my problem instead of a temporary solution. I was referred to Dr. Glenn by a lady who had only attended the symposium in September of 2006. I made an appointment to see Dr. Glenn who performed several tests to determine the root cause to my scalp problem. She was able to properly diagnose my problem and got rid of the constant itch. She suggested that I cut my locks off because of the irritation. I trimmed them a little. As the scalp problem began to get better, I became very self conscience and embarrassed about my bald spots. That was all I could think about. I would wear my hair up to disguise the bald areas. I felt that everyone could see them. The thinning began to affected me psychologically. All I could think about was how prominence the bald spots would appear if I cut my locks off. Everyone would know that I was losing my hair. I spoke with Dr. Glenn about my concerns. She helped me to feel comfortable and suggested that I attend her symposium to learn of ways to deal with my problem. I attended the symposium this past September where I learn that my scalp problem and hair loss was not unique. Many women were dealing with the same or similar issues. I also learned that a hair transplant could be an alternative for my problem. I did some research and called Dr. Glenn and Malaya with questions based on my research. They were very helpful and referred me to Dr. Ziering. I met with Dr. Ziering and Jason who provided information about their procedure and what to expect. My greatest concern was that the hair transplant would look natural and be painless. They answered all of my questions and gave me hope that I was a good candidate for the transplant. They assured me that the area would look natural and the procedure would be painless. Also, I was extremely impressed with photos of the work they had done on other black candidates. They made me feel that they really understood how I felt and that they were really concerned about my problem. I left feeling more encouraged and hopeful that a large part of my embarrassment would be corrected soon. On the day of the transplant, Dr. Ziering and his staff were very patience and explained the process to me again to comfort and reassure me that I had nothing to worry about. The procedure was painless. His staff was warm and friendly. I watched movies, ate, talked and laughed at Dr. Ziering’s jokes. Within several hours it was done. The time passed quickly, it took about 7 to 9 hours for me but it really did not seem that long. I was surprise at the amount of time that had past because I was so comfortable. I was given medications to help with any minor discomforts and swelling during the following week. In January, the third month after the transplant, I cut off my locks and begin to wear my cut hair very shot to reduce any noticeable bald spots. It has been 6 months since the transplants and I do not have any bald spots. I now feel more confident about my hair and I am very thankful for Dr. Glen and Dr. Ziering and their staff for assisting me through this difficult process and helping my re-gain my self confidence.