(Folican Graft Enhancement Treatment)

Your surgeon has developed the following post‐operative instructions.  Please read and follow them carefully as they are intended  to help you maximize the results of your hair transplant surgery.

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  • After dinner, start taking medications one hour apart from each other with
  • Start icing and massaging forehead as directed.
  • REMOVE all dressings upon arrival home the night of your surgery.
  • Spray the grafted area with the Folican Graft Micronutrient Enhancement NIGHT spray.
  • Sleep at a 45-degree angle
  • On the day following your procedure, it is recommended that you come to the office for a hair wash and laser hair treatment. At that time, we will shampoo and check all transplanted grafts. If you are unable to come to the office, you will begin washing your hair using Folican Graft Conditioning Shampoo on day 1 at home.
  • Then on day 2, you will either start to or continue to shampoo your hair with Folican Graft Conditioning Shampoo at home, preferably in the mornings.
  • Do not touch or allow the shower stream to directly hit the grafts for five days.
  • To wash the grafted area, pour a small amount of shampoo into a clean cup, and then fill the remainder of the cup with warm water creating a soapy solution. 
  • Next, pour the soapy solution over the grafted area.
  • Then fill the cup with plain water and pour over the grafted area multiple times until all soap is rinsed off.
  • You can wash any ungrafted areas and donor areas in a normal fashion using a small amount of shampoo and lightly rubbing the donor area enough to wash off the previously applied antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin) that was applied on surgery day.
  • After washing your hair every day (once a day), reapply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to the donor area ONLY.

 -For sutures, apply for 8 days or stop 2 days before suture removal.

-For FUE, apply for 14 days. 

  • Start spraying Folican Graft Enhancement DAY spray on the grafted area only. Spritz (3- 4 sprays) every hour throughout the day while you are awake. Continue using daily until the spray is gone.
  • One hour before bed time, spritz (3-4 sprays) Folican Graft Enhancement NIGHT Spray until completely gone.
  • Starting on the sixth day after surgery, you may wash your hair in a normal fashion.
  • Apply Folican Conditioning Shampoo to grafted area and massage it in for a few minutes. This will help the crusts (scabs) to soften and fall off.
  • Continue this method until all of the scabs have fallen off.
  • You may now rinse off the shampoo underneath the shower head.
  • Continue applying antibiotic Bacitracin ointment and spritzing DAY and NIGHT Spray.

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