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Our Connecticut location will be opening soon, but in the meantime we will be scheduling virtual consultations for those in the Connecticut area. We’re excited to bring the expertise of Ziering Medical to this area. We invite you to get started by completing the form below.

During your virtual consultation, we will review your personal health history and the photo series that you submitted to determine if a MFUT and FUE procedure is the best option for you.

Ziering Medical offers three virtual consultation appointment options: Phone, SKYPE and Face Time.

With the FUSS method, a precise donor strip is shaved, a linear incision is made and a thin strip of tissue is removed. Hair grafts are then microscopically dissected from this strip. In FUE, we use the same donor zone, shaving the back and sides of the head, but manually extract follicular units directly from the scalp, one graft at a time.

Each follicular unit is taken from the donor area using a 0.8 to 1mm punch. This punch makes a tiny circular incision around the top of the hair so that the entire follicular unit can be directly pulled from the scalp. Once donor follicles are harvested, your Ziering surgeon creates corresponding recipient sites. Then the hair surgery technician place the individual follicular units at the proper angle, one by one, into the recipient sites which have been created according to the hair transplant overall plan and design. 

The 4 Steps of FUSS Hair Transplant Surgery

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Hair Transplant surgery

Two Hair Transplant Procedures, One Year Post-Op
7,068 Follicular Units / Graphs

Ziering Medical Male Patient FUT Botched Revision Back-Before BEFORE
Ziering Medical Male Patient FUT Botched Revision Back-After AFTER


FUE Hair Transplantation Steps
FUE Results
Before & After Top View

1606 Follicular Units, 1 Hair Transplants, Age 25, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 18 Months Post-Op

Before & After Top View

7,755 Follicular Units, 2 MFUT + 1 FUE Hair Transplants, Age 41, Showing Pre-Op Photos and 24+ Months Post-Op

TOP 10


If you’re wondering how much an eyebrow transplant costs, you should consider these questions first:

  1. What training and credentials does the surgeon have? Is the surgeon Board Certified?
  2. What technology is used and how long has the surgeon been using the various types? Is the surgeon an innovator or an imitator?
  3. What procedures does this surgeon perform? Can the surgeon do all procedures and not be limited by skills or staffing?
  4. Does the surgeon specialize in hair transplant surgery only? Is he/she passionate and devoted to hair restoration?
  5. Have you seen realistic patient Before and After photos?
  6. Has a patient referral list been provided to you?
  7. Are your grafts certified?
  8. Has your surgeon explained carefully your graft count vs. your hair count for the procedure? Do you know what you are buying?
  9. Does your surgeon understand facial symmetry and balance and how that relate to enhancing your appearance with an eyebrow procedure?
  10. Are you partnering with a long-term clinical practice committed to changing the industry with access and exclusivity to leading-edge scientific breakthroughs in technology, surgical techniques, and hair loss research?

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Ziering Medical would like to express our support and best wishes to all of you during this difficult time.

Ziering Medical has suspended our full menu of services to abide by the state action that all nonessential businesses in California must close. But while our office is closed for in-person consultations and procedures, we are still offering virtual consultations. 

If you would like to schedule your virtual consultation please do so by clicking the button below and filling out a request form.