Among the many non-surgical choices for thinning hair, Laser Therapy Hair Restoration is a common option that is effective, non-invasive, painless, and has no known side effects. Patients not only experience a slowing down of hair loss, but also new hair growth as a result of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT). Often patients experience improved hair health with their hair becoming fuller and thicker over time.

Since many of the medications that treat thinning hair cannot be prescribed to women due to safety concerns, Laser Hair Restoration is often a good option for female hair loss patients. Dr. Ziering is an expert in the practice of Laser Hair Restoration and can advise if this treatment option may be an effective solution for your unique hair loss condition.

How does Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) actually work?

LLLT works by slowing and in some cases reversing miniaturization, which is the process by which hair follicles begin to shrink as the typical hair growth phase becomes shorter and shorter. As a result, each hair cycle produces hair that is shorter and thinner than the previous cycle. When the scalp is illuminated by red laser, light energy is absorbed by stem cells in the dermal papilla, a specialized region of the follicle near its base. These cells, which play a central role in controlling the hair cycle, and promoting hair growth, are energized as they absorb the red laser light enhancing their ability to perform cellular respiration.

Cellular Respiration

Cytochrome c oxidase, a specialized molecule within the mitochondria of our cells is energized when it absorbs red laser light. This enhances the process of cellular respiration, allowing cells to function more efficiently

Because of this increased activity and complex series of cellular and biochemical interactions, the hair follicle spends a greater amount of time in the growth phase of the hair cycle, thereby slowing or reversing miniaturization and the progression of thinning and balding. Blood flow is increased as well via these interactions, delivering much needed nourishment to sustain the follicle.

Zeiring Hair

Red laser light energizes stem cells in the dermal papilla, deep within the hair follicle. As a result the length of the follicle's growth phase is increased, and it produces a thicker, healthier hair.

For men and women battling hair loss, Ziering physicians often recommend prescription strength LLLT as a stand-alone treatment and also in combination with other medical and topical therapies. It is prescribed post-operatively to promote faster healing and recovery for surgical hair restoration patients.

Laser Therapy is an effective non-invasive, chemical-free treatment to help stop hair loss, and it should be medically supervised.

The benefits of laser therapy for patients are many:

  • Easy treatments performed at your home or in our hair loss clinics
    Faster healing of the scalp and suture areas after hair transplant surgery
  • Thicker, healthier, stronger hair
  • Increased hair volume
  • Decreased inflammation and edema for problem scalps.

Dr. Ziering discussing various uses of laser therapy for hair regrowth in this report from NBC affiliate KNBC of Los Angeles. To learn if laser therapy is right for your hair loss situation, contact Ziering.

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