Is EMSCULPT Right for Me?

  • Post published:March 13, 2019

Is EMSCULPT Right for Me?

Have you been going to the gym, eating healthy, and sticking to an exercise routine but can’t get the desired results on every part, especially your abdomen and buttocks? If you have, you are not alone. Many people out there are also dealing with the same issue. Sometimes, working out cannot eliminate stubborn fat, but  EMSCULPT  can.


It is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment that’s meant to get rid of stubborn fat deposits from the abdomen and buttocks. The procedure works well for both men and women. The treatment has become popular among people who love keeping their body in great shape.

What Does EMSCULPT Involve?

EMSCULPT is an effective treatment that helps to build your abdominal or buttocks muscles, thus enabling them to take the shape you desire. The procedure is done using a device that relies on electromagnetic energy to eliminate fat and initiate muscle contractions.

The device uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to help your muscles contract. Interestingly, no surgical incisions are made, and the treatment delivers effective results.

What’s more, you can have the procedure done and be ready to resume your work or other activities that same day. The electromagnetic energy stimulates 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in 30 minutes – something that you cannot achieve with your regular workout routine.

The procedure has been tested and confirmed to be safe. Moreover, it is FDA-approved. As a result, you have nothing to worry about while undertaking the treatment. Multiple sessions are typically required to yield the desired results.

Is EMSCULPT Suitable for Me?

For starters, this treatment should not be looked at as a way to lose weight. This is because EMSCULPT is only ideal for individuals who exercise a lot and those that are already fit. The procedure is meant to pronounce the shape of the muscles of your buttocks and/or abs. As a result, you should only undertake the treatment if you aim to sculpt your abdomen and lift your buttocks.

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Nothing feels more satisfying than transforming your body to the physique and shape that you want. Unfortunately, exercising and a good diet isn’t always a guarantee that your body will be contoured the way you want. That’s where EMSCULPT comes in. It is a technology that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions in your abdomen and buttocks. If you want to sculpt your body with ease, book an appointment at  Ziering Medical , located in Beverly Hills. We would be more than happy to assess your situation and determine if EMSCULPT is right for you.  Contact us today  to schedule your consultation!

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