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Ziering Medical of Newport Beach is the very best in hair transplant and hair restoration, and the FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) Hair Transplant method is one of the many options offered to our patients. Although an FUE Hair Transplant is not ideal for everyone, this Follicular Unit Excision method was developed for patients scalp is too tight for harvesting, are concerned about scarring, or prefer to wear their hair very short.

The FUE Hair Transplant method utilizes instrumentation and techniques that have evolved in recent years. The latest improvements have made Follicular Unit Excision more viable, by offering instrumentation capable of harvesting more grafts with less damage and less scarring. Ziering of Newport Beach helps to transform the lives of many men, women, and transgender patients. When you come to our office for a consultation, our team will consult with you to determine which is the best hair transplant option for you.

“Recently I had a hair restoration process performed by Dr. Ziering.

“Dr. Ziering and his staff provided excellent service in all aspects of the process. First, with respect to the initial consultation, he spent a considerable amount of time carefully checking out the area and providing thoughtful recommendations as to the procedure that would be the best. Secondly, on the day of the operation, Dr. Ziering made the incisions for some 2800 hair follicles, carefully spacing them and their directions. This process took him a considerable amount of time, demonstrating his dedication to providing the best possible results. Third, he was assisted by his incredible staff including a coordinator, anesthesiologist, and several assistants who partition the hair follicles and then implanted them according to his directions. Fourth, during the entire procedure, which took more than 10 hours, he and his staff were very congenial and enthusiastic about the restoration process.

“I was incredibly impressed with his skills and strategic placement of the hair follicles that gave me fabulous results – he is an unique artist in this respect.

“I strongly recommend Dr. Ziering and his staff based upon their excellent hair restoration process along with his long-term vision of best helping the patient out.

“His artistry and special efforts have given me fantastic results that have made a dramatic difference in my life.” — Joseph J., Capistrano Beach, CA

If you would like to explore the PRP Hair Loss Treatment via a consultation with the Ziering team, we invite you to make an appointment. Ziering Hair Transplant Clinic of Newport Beach is located at 2071 San Joaquin Hills Road in Newport Beach, California.

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