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Your head may not be the only place that requires transplants, facial hair transplants occur too. Many men and women suffer facial hair loss through trauma, scarring from surgery, radiation, trichotillomania, which is an obsessive-compulsive disorder of continued hair pulling over years, or simply the natural aging process. While a facial hair transplant typically refers to beard, sideburns, and mustache it also applies to loss of hair of the eyebrows as well.

Ziering is on the forefront of facial hair restoration and can give you back full eyebrows, moustache, sideburns or beard.


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“I’ve been a brow artist so I truly understand the power of a beautiful brow, and the way they can enhance facial features. When I heard about eyebrow transplants, I knew it would probably be right for me as my hereditary eyebrows were sparse and I made them even thinner from millennial over-plucking. Additionally, they were much lower in growth pattern than I wanted. I felt my procedure was a little Casanova as I requested more grafts than usual. I was going for that Cara Delavigne/ Gigi Hadid, never-been-plucked level of thick and I had some very scanty brows in place.


Dr Ziering and his team were able to transform the shape of my eyebrows from thin to full, and I really like the way they’ve been restored. For those who don’t like to wear makeup and feel it’s a hassle, I think this procedure is still a huge improvement- I’m just a perfectionist and I personally like the look of a little makeup.

Some advice: It’s important to understand that you may expect your after to look like an eyebrow model, but to get your eyebrows to look on point/peak/fleak you have to trim and style them.

Some advice: It’s important to understand that you may expect your after to look like an eyebrow model, but to get your eyebrows to look on point/peak/fleak you have to trim and style them. I still use a little pencil or powder to further artistically define their shape, yet I no longer feel like I always have to be wearing pencil to avoid looking sickly. Learning to trim and style transplanted brows can be tricky if you’re not a makeup pro, so I would say having a brow stylist who’s familiar with transplants to show how you how, can go very far.

I would do this procedure ten times over again and I really believe it’s one of the most underrated out there. If you want a Hollywood beauty secret to great eyebrows, this is it!”

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If you’re wondering how much an eyebrow transplant costs, you should consider these questions first:

  1. What training and credentials does the surgeon have? Is the surgeon Board Certified?
  2. What technology is used and how long has the surgeon been using the various types? Is the surgeon an innovator or an imitator?
  3. What procedures does this surgeon perform? Can the surgeon do all procedures and not be limited by skills or staffing?
  4. Does the surgeon specialize in hair transplant surgery only? Is he/she passionate and devoted to hair restoration?
  5. Have you seen realistic patient Before and After photos?
  6. Has a patient referral list been provided to you?
  7. Are your grafts certified?
  8. Has your surgeon explained carefully your graft count vs. your hair count for the procedure? Do you know what you are buying?
  9. Does your surgeon understand facial symmetry and  balance and how that relates to enhancing your appearance with a eyebrow transplant procedure?
  10. Are you partnering with a long term clinical practice committed to changing the industry with access and exclusivity to leading edge scientific breakthroughs in technology, surgical techniques and hair loss research?

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