Why Dr. Ordon Chose Ziering Medical?

Why Dr. Ordon Chose Ziering Medical For His Hair Transplant ?

“When the time came to do work on my hair, Dr. Ziering was my go to guy.” – Dr. Andrew Ordon
What a truly astounding thing for another medical professional to say about Dr. Craig Ziering and Ziering Medical! As one of the hosts of the popular TV show, The Doctors, Dr. Ordon’s hair needs to be camera-ready and perfect every day. It is truly a compliment to be trusted with not only someone’s appearance, but also their career!
Thinning hair affects everyone, even doctors, television hosts, and doctors who are television hosts! Dr. Ordon came to us because of our excellent reputation with hair transplant services. Using the latest technology and surgical hair restoration technique, Follicular Unit Excision and Extraction (FUE), your donor hair is harvested one graft at a time avoiding a linear scar. Then that donor hair is transplanted into your balding and thinning areas. The transplanted hair will continue to grow-in over the next 12 – 18 months.
Dr. Ordon chose Ziering Medical for his hair transplant needs, and so should you! Schedule your consultation today.

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