Welcome to Ziering Career Opportunities

At the helm of Ziering is our Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Craig L. Ziering, who leads our company with a great passion for his patients and the hair restoration industry. It is the same passion that is the hallmark of every Ziering employee. Corporately and individually, we take pride and pleasure in listening to our patient’s hair loss stories and participating in their life-changing hair restoration journeys.

Central to our mission and core values is putting the patient first – making sure the surgical outcome and the overall experience is excellent every step of the way. Because of this, collaboration and learning is a part of our daily team interactions. Ideas for change flow from every department in our worldwide practice. Every new innovation is the result of conversation taking place at every level of the company. In an industry and field of medicine that is constantly evolving, we seek individuals who can catch the vision and passion we have for perfecting every step of the patient journey, from the initial consultation through their hair transplant surgery and post-surgery recovery and care. Whether your area of expertise is Marketing, Medical Technology, Research, or Hair Transplant Surgery, you will be challenged in your role to view the world through the lens of the patient and challenged to engage in the daily dialogue about bringing the Ziering experience to patients around the world in a meaningful and personal manner.

Employee Testimonials

Patrick Shaw
Ziering Medical Spain

“As General Manager for Ziering Spain, I feel immensely proud to introduce Ziering Medical to Spain and to be able to offer the high quality service and excellent surgical results that Ziering Medical is renowned for in the USA and Britain. We are creating a team here built on expertise in the field, combined with on-going training and learning. My responsibility is huge, to protect and maintain the excellent name and reputation of Ziering Medical and ensure that the highest standards are met every time. Most importantly, I want to make sure that we have listened to our prospective patients, educated them well on all their treatment options and given them a memorable, life-changing experience and hair transplant result.”

Vivian Miller
Ziering Medical USA

“As the Regional Office Manager for Ziering Medical USA, our Ziering family believes the employee is the most important key asset to the success of the company.
I know this to be true, since I have been with the company from day one, almost 10 years ago. As Regional Office Manager, it is my responsibility to apply the company’s vision, pledges and guiding principles to every facet of my daily work and interactions with our team and our patients.

Ziering Medical provides ample amounts of opportunities and endless possibilities to continue to learn and grow. We have a strong team by your side, proving that challenges can be overcome, which is empowering.”

Dr. Edward Ball
UK Surgeon

“When I first met Dr Ziering I was instantly inspired by his commitment to achieving excellence in surgical quality and patient experience. He earns respect through his global reputation and vast experience in the field of hair restoration but it is that hard-to-define quality, the “X factor”, that really inspires. It seems to draw other great people to the company, all of whom share the same vision and desire to be the best. His enthusiasm and perfectionism is infectious, which explains why you see similar great qualities in all those who work at Ziering Medical.
Patients frequently comment on how happy, professional and caring the team are. This is due to the high calibre of staff in the Ziering team but also due to the fact that everyone truly believes that they are doing something special in their patient’s life. They also know that they are doing it with world class standards which helps to create a very proud team and a great place to work.

Each clinic has the backing and infrastructure of the magnificent Ziering Medical brand but still retains its own character and personal touch. This creates a great combination of world leading training with the most advanced techniques and equipment and an intimate and caring team who enjoy looking after every patient as an individual. Patients often recognise this and describe the team as “highly professional” and like a “happy family”.

Members of the team frequently refer to “The Ziering Way” – a term that has become synonymous with excellence. Throughout my experience in plastic surgery, dermatology and aesthetic medicine, I have never felt so excited and proud to be part of such an organisation with a shared passion for excellence.”