When to Consider an Eyebrow Hair Transplant

The  Eyebrow Hair Transplant

An eyebrow hair transplant is a delicate procedure and requires a high level of both creativity and artistry. This is a permanent and aesthetically pleasing option for individuals with eyebrow hair loss. Eyebrows are considered an extremely important feature of vitality, youth, and overall appearance. In the cases of eyebrow construction, a sense of normalcy is provided. This option has become popular for both men and women experiencing eyebrow hair loss. The procedure meets the needs of these individuals.

An eyebrow hair transplant enhances eyebrows that are lacking in definition, thickness, and density to provide the aesthetic results desired. There are a wide range of reasons people choose to have this procedure. Each treatment is designed to meet the needs of the specific individual. The procedure is performed due to naturally thin eyebrows, an
overabundance of plucking, skin conditions, trauma, or disease. The procedure has been performed numerous times for all of the reasons above with excellent results.

There have been numerous debates between tattooing on eyebrows or having an eyebrow hair transplant. The majority of people find a tattoo does not appear as natural or looks as though it was painted on. This is true of even the most creative attempts to correctly fashion a realistic eyebrow. The majority of individuals having an eyebrow hair transplant have been satisfied with the results.

The Technique for an Eyebrow Hair Transplant

There are a variety of techniques used for this procedure. It is critical the surgeon is meticulous about the technical details while relying on their sense of exceptional creativity and artistry. The design pattern, natural curl and uniqueness of the angle are all critical to creating a full and attractive contour for the eyebrow. This is the goal of every

During the course of the surgery, the finest hairs of the individual are extracted from the hair at the back of the head. Careful preparation is required for every hair graft prior to being placed precisely where hair loss has occurred in the eyebrow region. It is critical the angles of the hairs are correctly placed to ensure a natural result.

This procedure is the best option regardless of the reason for the hair loss. The initial growth rate of the transplanted hairs are the same as the hairs donated from the scalp. As time passes, the rate of growth usually decreases to a rate more natural for the eyebrows. The change in the growth rate is due to the impact of the eyebrow skin.

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