Tory Lanez Gives Details About Hairline Procedure + Doctor

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  1. Marlan

    I want the same procedure Tory lanez had.

  2. Julian Duran

    What would be the next step for me and cost in order for me to do this procedure?

  3. Tommy


    What is the procedure Tory Lanez, the rapper talking about in the video? Sounds interesting and could be a potential option one day. Are you able to send some information on the specific procedure too please.

    Kind regards,

    1. John Rivera

      Hey I wanted to fix my hair line what do I have to do


    I would like to some.information on how this process works. I am 28 with a horrible hairline and I want my original hairline to be, well, repaired.

  5. Evans

    Do you accept 1199 insurance? If not how much is out of pocket cost for hair restoration procedure for receding hairline and thinning crown?

  6. Kennedey Moncrief

    How much does an operation typically cost?

  7. Kennedey Moncrief

    How much does an operation cost and does insurance cover this!?

  8. Michia Lee

    Inquiring on hair line quote

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