The Many Benefits of Transgender Hair Transplant Surgery

Transsexuals and transgenders have extremely specific challenges regarding hair transplants. This relates to the technical and artistic nature of the transplants for both female to male and male to female patients. There are a lot of differences between female and male hairlines including the alteration of the hairline. A transgender hair transplant surgery must take into account the direction in which the hair flows and the hairline for the procedure to be successful. This process requires a combination of experience, artistry, creativity, proficiency and technical skill. The differences between male and female hair must be careful considered and completely understood.

The Procedures and Techniques for Transgender Hair Transplant Surgery

The differences between female to male and male to female transplant procedures are vast. There are a wide variety of techniques, each one being unique. The main goals of a male to female transgender hair transplant surgery is the creation of a feminine hairline and getting past the impact of male pattern baldness. This is often accomplished by pulling the hair downwards using a lengthy opening in the scalp. This procedure successfully makes the conversion to a female hairline. Our surgeons has both the experience and the skills necessary for lowering the hairline through surgery. This procedure will also benefit any patients with balding issues. It is possible to achieve the aesthetic outcome the patient desires by using the right technique.

In most cases, female to male hair restoration involves using a hair restoration procedure for either the mustache or beard. A large portion of female to male patients are interested in achieving a more masculine face. A natural pattern of hair growth can be created for both the mustache and beard areas of the face. It is very important to have the transplants performed by a physician who understands the needs and desires of a transgender patient. This will not only provide the best possible aesthetic out

The Procedures and Techniques for Transgender Hair Transplant Surgery

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