The Steps of FUT Hair Transplant Surgery

The Steps of FUT Hair Transplant Surgery

During the past few years, the techniques and steps used for FUT hair transplant surgery have advanced. This procedure is now capable of reversing pattern baldness in both men and women. The transplant is also extremely safe. The procedure is simple and performed using a recognized and proven approach to restore the hairline and lost hair. The majority of individuals having this procedure return to their regular daily activities within two to five days. Approximately two to three weeks after the procedure was performed, the hair that was transplanted will begin to fall out. A few months after this occurs, the individual should begin to see new hair growth.

The majority of individuals experience increased new hair growth within a matter of months. FUT hair transplant surgery is permanent. The DHT hormone is responsible for hair loss. The transplanted hairs are resistant to this hormone. This means they will not fall out or thin as time passes. The results look natural with no maintenance necessary. The harvesting of the donor hair occurs on the back of the skull. Only a thin strip of hair is required. This hair is programmed genetically so it will not fall out. A special scope is used during the surgery and acts like a microscope.

The first step in the process is the donor harvesting. This is when the targeted area on the head is prepared for the procedure. There are two methods most commonly used for the process of harvesting the hair. When a tissue strip is removed from the head, it is called FUT strip harvesting. This is the most common method. The scope is used to dissect the hair into follicular units. Each unit contains one to four hairs.

The second step is when the grafts are dissected. The scope is used for a microscopic dissection of the hair. This scope was created specifically for this type of surgery. Once the follicular units have been created, the procedure continues to the recipient sites.
The third step is the preparation of the recipient sites by the surgeon. These sites must be created at a specific angle, orientation and direction. This is dependent on the hair transplant plan customized for each individual.

The fourth and final step is the actual placement of the hairs. The surgeon transplants each hair graft into the thinning and balding areas of the scalp. Every graft must be placed with great care and precision to achieve the desired look.
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