Look and Feel Your Best After an African American Hair Transplant

The African American Hair Transplant

African American hair has a curly nature with a very distinctive root. This means effectively performing an  African American hair transplant  can prove more challenging than for Asian or Caucasian hair. The procedure requires a hair transplant surgeon with extensive experience and an exceptionally good eye for detail. Despite the similarities
between numerous types of hair and African American curly hair, there are unique features to the hair of an African American that make the process of hair restoration much more challenging.

The Approach to Curly Hair

The roots of African American hair are damaged easily if conventional tools and techniques are used. Special methods must be used to make certain the bulbs of the hair and not damaged and the transplant results in healthy hair. African American hair has a curly nature providing more coverage than straight hair. Sufficient coverage can be provided with fewer hair transplants necessary.

The Importance of Angle Placement

An angle placement is very important for both wavy and straight hair. This is not nearly as important when it comes to African American hair. To ensure the growth is natural, the natural angle of the hair must be followed and the degree varied according to the location. This enables the individual to comb their hair the same way they always have.

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