Hair Restoration Clinical Trial: ALLOFILL+ AMP AESTHETIC For Hair Restoration


Ziering Medical has been selected to run a clinical trial for ALLOFILL PLUS with AMP AESTHETIC to determine efficacy and quality of results.  We will be looking to determine if the results are equivalent to and/or better than the Acell/PRP combination we are currently using for non-surgical only patients and also in combination with hair transplant procedures.

While this is a trial and results are pending, one immediate benefit is that the patient does not have to undergo continuous blood draws which is required for every PRP injection. This is especially helpful for those patients with small veins or rolling veins whereby the blood draw proves challenging for both patient and doctor. It also reduces the amount of anesthesia required for treatment injections. The long term benefits of possible hair regrowth or slowing down hair miniaturization are yet to be determined. 

Our clinical trial is full at this time.  We will not be adding any new patients. The results of our clinical trial will be published sometime next year.