Creating Feminine Hairlines for Transgender Hair Transplant Patients

Caitlin Jenner has brought much attention and advocacy for better understanding the life journey of Male to Female (MTF) transgender people. Like most of us, they, too, want to look in the mirror and see themselves for who they are and how they feel. I have had the privilege of working with many patients who have undergone gender transformation and their hair restoration is a crucial part of becoming and feeling more feminine. Transgender hair transplants are becoming more mainstream, but transgender hairline lowering and transgender hairline feminization procedures are very delicate, artistic and rewarding hair transplant procedures. For many (MTF) transgender hair transplant patients, creating a rounded, more feminine hairline while masking their male pattern baldness is the first priority, but many of them also have eyebrow transplants as part of their gender transformation. And it all starts with understanding the patient! Watch this video to learn more about transgender hair transplants.

Transgender Hair Transplants – Dr. Craig Ziering The primary goal in #transgender hair transplant surgery is to transform a masculine hairline, with or without male pattern hair loss, into a hairline that projects natural feminine beauty. While not widely discussed or even understood, hair transplant surgery is a critical gender defining procedure that very few hair transplant surgeons perform well. Remember, not all #hairtransplants are created equal, so do your homework! @celebrityplasticsurgeonsbeverlyhills @drziering Posted by Plastic Surgery LIVE on Tuesday, April 5, 2016