Dr. Ziering mentioned in Cosmopolitan | 7 Hair-Growth Devices for Thinning and Loss (Tested and Reviewed for 2023)

If you feel like you’ve tried everything for your hair loss and thinning hair—hello, hair-growth vitaminshair-growth shampooscastor-oil hair treatments—with no success, you may want to consider a treatment that targets the health of your whole scalp, like a hair-growth device. At-home red-light therapy devices for your scalp, including helmets and combs, as well as scalp microneedling devices, are everywhere now, claiming to help regrow lost hair in as little as a few months. They sound like the dream—but do these hair growth devices actually work?

According to dermatologist and hair-loss expert Craig Ziering, DO, these at-home therapies can be beneficial for hair growth. But there are a few things you need to consider before choosing the best hair-growth device (don’t worry, Dr. Ziering and I got into all of it below). Keep scrolling for the details, plus the best devices on the market, according to Dr. Ziering and first-person reviewers.