Could You Benefit from a Facial Hair Transplant?

Benefit from a Facial Hair Transplant

Current fashion trends have made beards, mustaches, and sideburns very popular. However, some men are surprised to learn that their facial hair stubbornly refuses to grow, is very thin, or grows in a patchy and uneven fashion. Of course, they can always go back to the clean-shaven look, but there is an option today for facial hair-challenged men who want to sport a lush beard, goatee, or an attractive mustache: a facial hair transplant procedure. This option could benefit you in a number of ways.

Facial Hair Transplant

In a facial hair transplant, individual hair follicles are removed from the back of the head, where the hair tends to have characteristics similar to facial hair. Each follicle is carefully removed and then transplanted onto the face. Since they are removed one by one from scattered areas, most men don’t notice any difference in the appearance of their scalp hair after the procedure. One of our skilled practitioners will place the hair follicles on the face in such a way that the results are very natural, effectively filling in patchy areas, thickening sparse growth, and even producing growth in places where hair has never grown before.

The Procedure

The procedure may be performed under sedation with local anesthesia for the scalp and facial skin. The facial and scalp skin will be tender and possibly reddened and a bit swollen for a few days after the procedure. The hairs transplanted to the face all fall out after two to three weeks, but do not panic; the hair follicle is still there, it just ejected its hair due to the shock of the transplant. After resting and healing for three to four months, the hairs start to grow back, leading to lush, even, natural-looking facial hair growth that can be trimmed into any style desired. Most patients are completely satisfied with the results.

Who Is a Candidate?

Any man who desires better facial hair—thicker, not as patchy and uneven, or growing in regions where it currently doesn’t grow—could benefit from a facial hair transplant. Any man who has suitable hair follicles growing on the back of the head can successfully undergo the procedure. Even men starting to undergo male-pattern baldness usually have suitable healthy hair follicles on the back of their head, but they may want to consider whether they would prefer them being transplanted to the face or to other parts of the scalp before proceeding. Women who desire fuller eyebrows also make good candidates for this procedure.

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