Am I a Good Candidate for FUT Hair Transplant Surgery?

You’re not ready to live with a receding hairline or thinning hair. The idea of shaving your head or wearing a wig or toupee doesn’t hold any appeal either. That leaves considering some approach to hair transplants. Could you be a good candidate for FUT hair transplant surgery? Here are some basics you should know, including what the surgeon will consider before agreeing to perform the procedure.

What is a FUT Hair Transplant?

Follicular unit transplant, or FUT, is a state-of-the-art hair replacement procedure. Rather than removing single follicles from another location or from a qualified donor, this approach involves removing a strip of follicles and relocating them to the bald area. People who qualify for FUT hair transplant surgery find that they can finish the series of treatments sooner and begin to see results a little faster.

You’re in Generally Good Health

As with any type of surgical procedure, there is some degree of risk. That’s why the surgeon will want to know all about your general health before proceeding with FUT hair transplant surgery. That includes and type of chronic illnesses you have and are currently managing with medication or other methods. Be up front about any medications you take, as some of them could complicate the surgery or your recovery. Assuming that you are in generally good health, your medications will not cause any complications, and any existing health issues are under control, you are likely to be approved for the procedures.

Your Hair Follicles in Particular are Healthy

The physical examination includes a close look at the hair follicles that will be used for the transplant. They must be healthy and show every sign of being able to remain so once the FUT hair transplant surgery is complete. The goal is to ensure that after your recuperation, the follicles are able to receive nutrients with no problem, the roots will remain strong, and the hair will grow normally.

You Have More Hair Loss to Reverse

There are other methods of hair transplantation to consider, but most of them cannot be done with the speed or the efficiency of the strip method. When you’ve sustained a significant amount of hair loss already, using strips rather than farming groups of one or two follicles at a time certainly makes it possible to get more done in each session. It’s also easier to cover larger areas with more efficiency. A professional who decides you are healthy enough for a hair transplant can help you compare FUT hair transplant surgery with other methods before you make a final choice.

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