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Baldness and falling of hair is a common problem, especially among men. The onset of baldness was initially thought to be a sign of aging. Today, however, hair loss has been linked to exposure to UV radiation, chemicals, as well as pollutants. As a result, hair loss is an issue that a majority of people across the globe has to deal with every day.The good news is that our hair transplant surgeon and hair loss experts can quickly transform your appearance by reversing your loss of hair. Our hair loss experts will work towards improving your self-image with such a procedure as a facial hair transplant. This is important, especially at a time when men are finding facial hair, such as beards, appealing.

Most men feel that beards and other facial hairs enhance one’s masculinity. But what do you do if the hair does not grow naturally as you want it? Ziering Medical allows you to benefit from facial hair transplants to restore your confidence. We aim to meet your needs by promoting hair growth on surgical scars or on places where hair doesn’t grow.

When to Opt for a Facial Hair Transplant

People seek facial hair transplant for the following:

  • Aesthetic reasonsHair loss can affect the looks of men, especially those who mind their masculinity. Even if you have beards, you probably want it to be bushier. In some cases, men who have beards want to add some sideburns to improve their looks. This is because most men who have facial hair and beards tend to be more confident about their appearance and themselves. A facial hair transplant will help you achieve the handsomeness and masculinity you desire.
  • Lack of hair growth If your hair can’t grow naturally, a facial hair transplant is the best option. You no longer have to put on a weave or wig as you try to hide the baldness or hair patches. Having a facial hair transplant done will increase the amount of hair on your face significantly to give you the looks that you always wanted.
  • Surgical scarsHave you undergone a surgical procedure that left you with scars that affect the growth of your facial hair? If you have, you need worry no more since facial hair transplant will solve the problem. With this procedure, you will have hair growing in all the right places and in the thickness that you desire.


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Do not allow hair loss or lack of hair keep you sleepless. To have a professional facial hair transplant done by only the greatest experts around, we warmly invite you to make an appointment with Ziering Medical! At any of our convenient locations in West Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport Beach, New York, and Oak Brook, our caring and knowledgeable team of professionals will be pleased to explain the benefits of this celebrated option and help you decide if it’s right for you. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!