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hair regrowth

Hair loss and thinning can present itself in many different ways. For some people, they will see a gradual thinning of the hair on the top of their head, starting from their forehead. For others, they will develop a bald patch on their scalp. And yet still, others will see a general decrease in the amount of hair all over their head. There are also numerous causes for this hair loss and thinning. Genetics in terms of your family history, certain medications, hormonal changes in your body, and even stress can cause hair loss. Yet no matter your type of hair loss or the reason for it, you can discover healthier hair through our hair regrowth treatments.

Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment
One of the best and easiest ways to get healthier hair is through our laser hair treatment. This safe and effective treatment uses laser technology in order to stop hair loss and regrow fuller hair. Basically, the low level of laser light our devices produce is able to penetrate your scalp tissue and then stimulate your hair follicles to start producing hair again.

This treatment can be performed right in our office or at your home. It has been proven to not only encourage hair growth but also decrease inflammation on the scalp. With laser light treatments, you will see a noticeable difference in the amount and quality of your hair.

PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment
Another effective hair loss treatment is PRP therapy. For this treatment, we will actually use the healing nature of your blood in order to achieve hair growth results. After we acquire a blood sample through a blood draw, we will then place that sample into a machine that can separate the different parts of your blood. What we want is your PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, as this is the part of your blood that contains white blood cells and growth factors that are needed for healing.

PRP therapy only requires a few scalp injections. From there, your PRP will get to work healing your hair follicles, and soon they will be able to regrow healthy, full hair again. It’s a short, simple procedure we can do right in our office as an outpatient procedure.

FUT Hair Transplant
FUT hair regrowth treatments, or follicular unit transplantation, are a proven technique for helping you get back the hair that you once had. For this procedure, we will harvest a thin strip of your donor hair and implant it into the area of your scalp where you have hair loss or thinning. After the transplanted hair follicles heal, they will begin to produce hair, thus filling in those bald or thin patches of hair.

With the advent of effective hair loss treatments, there really is no reason why you have to live your life without the hair that you once had. Come visit us at Ziering Medical to learn more about your options for hair regrowth treatments for healthier hair. We are conveniently located in Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Newport Beach, and Beverly Hills. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!