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The FUE Hair Transplant

The hair follicles in the scalp naturally grow in clusters; this is called a follicular unit. This means discrete and natural hair units are used as opposed to hair plugs. More natural results are produced using micro implant grafts. This is referred to as the FUE hair transplant procedure. FUE is an abbreviation for Follicular Unit Excision. This represents an advance in the technology of hair restoration. The procedure is time consuming and meticulous for the medical team and requires skill and precision.

This method extracts the donor’s hair to treat a thinning scalp. FUE grafting has become extremely popular because no line incision is necessary. Eliminating the linear incision is a major benefit – this is extremely helpful for people with short hairstyles and active lifestyles. For the FUE hair transplant procedure, male pattern baldness is treated with graft placement using tiny sites on the scalp. The surgeon establishes these sites so the balding area can be filled in. Harvesting grafts does have limitations due to the necessity of extracting as intact a hair graft as possible. This also provides a great recovery.

Options for the FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Some of the improvement extensions for hair transplantation are the technology of robotic and motorized extensions. When the traditional procedure is automated, the result is an overall improvement in the process in several different ways. The restoration process can be completed through the use of motorized devices. This enables more grafts to be harvested, but requires a highly skilled team.

FUE and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) are both excellent methods for harvesting grafts, but many medical professionals prefer the FUE method. This is partially due to the fact the FUE method has fewer limitations, often resulting in a better outcome. Although there is a limit due to the number of grafts being able to be taken in one session, the method is effective.

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