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hair transplant surgeon dr. varonaMeet Dr. Varona

Dr. Christopher Varona is a highly accomplished hair-transplant surgeon with thousands of successful FUT hair transplant and manual FUE hair transplant procedures to his credit. As one of the top FUE hair transplant surgeons in the world, he is highly sought after by potential patients, including celebrities and high-level executives. What distinguishes Dr. Varona as a hair transplant surgeon is his innate artistic sense and finely-tuned technical ability. He performs surgery in New York, Las Vegas, Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, California.

Education and Training

Dr. Christopher Varona received his doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from Midwestern University. After completing his residency at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, he pursued fellowship program in hair-transplantation. This became the foundation of his successful career as one of the foremost hair-transplant specialists in the world.

While at Northwestern, Dr. Varona also trained in family medicine and exhibited a special interest in outpatient procedures. The program set up a procedure clinic specifically to foster his skill and experience in office-based procedures.

Medicine is in his blood, with a family practice physician and registered nurse as parents, becoming a doctor was a natural step for Dr. Varona. But, he also loves the arts. He began playing the piano at an early age and continued to learn throughout his early 20s. He studied music at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and attended the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, where he majored in piano performance.

Professional Life and Experiences

After completing his fellowship in hair transplantation, Dr. Varona went on to work for some of the pioneers in the hair transplant industry before ultimately joining Ziering Medical. Years of training both in piano and as a hair transplant surgeon have given Dr. Varona the opportunity to refine his skills and develop new techniques to emerge as one of the top FUE surgeons in the United States. Since then, he has devoted his life to transforming the lives of his patients through hair restoration. Dr. Varona believes that there are no shortcuts to excellence when it comes to any performance… It takes practice, focus, a clear goal, and a lot of dedication to your passion.

To remain at the top, Dr. Varona keeps abreast of all the latest advancements, and continually works on refining and developing his own techniques to strive for artistic excellence. This is how Dr. Varona explains his approach to his profession:
“People place great value on their hair and on how it contributes to their overall appearance. Having experienced the journey of my own procedure after years of struggling with hair loss, I realized I wanted to help others overcome similar concerns while still doing something artistic and technically oriented.”

Recognitions and Appointments

Today, Varona is recognized as one of the leading authorities in FUE hair transplant procedures in the United States and is especially commended for his skills in creating the most natural looking hairline possible. Dr. Varona is a regular trainer at the International Society of Hair Restoration live surgery workshops. Dr. Varona is a:

Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons
Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons
Member of the American Medical Association

Hair Transplant Surgery Centers

Dr. Varona often travels to multiple offices to consult and perform hair transplant surgery. You can find him in Newport Beach, Las Vegas & New York. 

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