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         You still have options for hair growth after cancer treatment

Both chemotherapy and radiation are known to damage our hair follicles. Often, after you receive cancer treatment, your hair is spotty and thinning in certain areas. Regarding radiation specifically, this form of cancer treatment results in permanent hair loss. Fortunately, Dr. Ziering and his staff can correct the hair loss.

After a traumatic event to the hair, such as cancer treatment, there must be a healing period. After a three month rest period, your hair will begin to grow back. However, it is important to note that the rate and amount will differ from person to person. Also, it is essential that the patient is truly in remission, or the hair transplant treatment will have to be repeated.

Also, along with the treatment of hair transplant, we offer our patients two non-surgical treatment plans as well. These include the use of the product z82, which is excellent for deep penetration and regrowth, and light therapy. Light therapy involves the use of a laser device. With the combination of the laser device and the z82 product, hair restoration is typically achieved. We like to try this for at least six months to a year before we go the surgical route.

Hair transplant is also an option for patients. This procedure follows the principle of donor dominance, so even if the hair follicle is damaged in a particular area due to the cancer treatment, hair transplant is still a viable option. For example, if we take hair from the back of your scalp to transplant to the front of the scalp where your follicles are damaged, your hair will be able to grow and flourish as it normally would. Dr. Ziering is also able to create new hairlines with his process, as well.

If you would like to explore hair transplant treatment via a consultation with the Ziering team, we invite you to make an appointment. With many offices located across the United States, Ziering Medical is here to help restore your hair and renew your confidence.