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Forget RoboCop, Ziering, a leading medical practice specialising in hair restoration, introduces ‘Robograft’, the first and only robotic hair restoration procedure to the UK. The ARTAS System, or ‘Robograft’, is a new, physician controlled robotic technology which is set to revolutionise hair transplant surgery in the UK.

This process of hair restoration entails a Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedure, which works by transplanting hair from healthy ‘donor’ areas one unit at a time into desired thinning or balding regions. To date, this procedure is done manually by a physician, but is a labour intensive process.

The Robograft procedure from Ziering, while still overseen by a physician – offers greater precision, consistency and speed allowing more time for artistic input. Patients therefore benefit from human expertise, enhanced by technological innovation.

Additional benefits of the ARTAS System include; Minimally invasive procedure with virtually no post-operative discomfort, no linear incision with a scalpel and no linear scarring, ability to wear hair at varying lengths without concern of a linear scar being visible to others and higher quality grafts which enhance transplant survival rates.

With high profile figures such as Wayne Rooney recently benefiting from the FUE procedure, the taboos around hair loss have been challenged, resulting in increased demand for solutions among men and women in the UK. The introduction of the ARTAS System to the UK means that for the first time ever, people in the UK worrying about hair loss will have access to the latest technology and a permanent solution.

Founder and Medical Director, Dr Craig L. Ziering, is an industry pioneer, teacher and author who remains in constant pursuit of seeking and developing new technology, surgical techniques and hair treatment solutions. He said of the launch, “I’m thrilled that Ziering is taking the lead in the field of Robotic Hair Restoration and is the first practice to bring the ARTAS system to Europe. By placing the robot in our London clinic, we are enabling the ARTAS robotic procedure to become a realistic solution for patients suffering with hair loss throughout the United Kingdom.

“My expert team of surgeons at our London clinic are excited about having this groundbreaking ARTAS technology, which provides the best surgical tools in the industry with which to perform procedures. It is an exciting time for our practice and our industry.

“Reported hair restoration procedures among celebrities and high profile individuals can often lead consumers to believe that treatment may be beyond their reach. However a full-range of hair-loss solutions, including surgery, consultation services, laser, medical and non- surgical options; are available for a range of prices at Ziering.”

From £5000 – but it depends on the number of grafts a patient has. Roughly it is £5 per graft and 1000 grafts is the norm.

TheChicGeek says “New technology like this that makes it less labour intensive for the surgeon, will result in the price for these operations coming down. Where once it was seen as unaffordable or for people on footballer’s salaries, the ‘Robograft’ and other technology like it, will make the procedure within reach of many more people. Hair transplants will be the new laser eye surgery, what this space”.