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"It’s not quite "The Simpsons," but hair junkie John and friends will open their lives to Ziering Medical for a new reality blog, "The Sneak-Peek Chronicles".  Starting this month, cyberspace will capture the 1st Sneak-Peek long hair transplant patient’s as they adjust to life from going bald to beautiful"

10/18/07: Day of Procedure, Hair Junkie

After having several hair transplant procedures, both with modern and old technology, I decided to pursue one last attempt at perfecting my hairline.  I selected Dr. Craig Ziering to perform the procedure.  His design concept impressed my critical eye and was better than what I thought was possible.  While I shared my thoughts on this I felt comfortable with his ideas.  I became more excited upon seeing where my new hairline would be in relation to the existing one.  Dr. Ziering explained to me on the procedure day that he wanted to perform the procedure with long hair shafts instead of the usual stubble length.  I must admit that I was intrigued and more excited mainly because I would get to immediately see a result that normally takes several months to develop. 

The anesthesia process was comfortable and I did not take a sedative.  Being aware of every detail, I was impressed with how easy every step was.  The donor harvesting was quick and the closure was performed flawlessly by Dr. Calder.  After the harvesting, the surgical technicians began dissecting the donor strip into the grafts.  I am sure the graft preparation was more intricate with the long hair shafts and I applaud the team for the extra effort. 

While the grafts were being prepared I relaxed comfortably and watched a movie.  I was able to get up and use the restroom as much as needed and was never in any sort of discomfort.  The time passed quickly, and I was quite surprised to learn from the team the number of grafts that they had prepared- over 500.  This amount greatly exceeded the amount I estimated could be harvested due to the depletion from the older procedures. 

Both Dr. Ziering and Dr. Calder made the recipients sites, which is the artwork portion of the procedure.  While this part does not take long, all of the subtle nuances of the result come together- hair orientation, hair angle and direction.  The pattern was done exactly as planned.  The positioning of the new hairline was more youthful and I knew at that point I was going to be pleased.

The placement portion of the procedure was done with efficiency and skill.  Again, with the long hair shafts the work was much more tedious and time consuming.  After about 5 hours from start to finish the last graft was placed.  I was handed a mirror and was able to see something I had never seen before- a completed transplant result on the day of surgery!  It was quite amazing to see this knowing full well that it normally takes 3-6 months to see the same thing.

All post op instructions were provided both verbally and in written form.  I was given a GraftCyte healing kit to take with me and my post op medicines.  I got in my car and drove myself home.  The most painful part of the day was navigating through rush hour Orange County traffic.

Once home, I began taking the medicines as directed, applied GraftCyte, used some ice on my forehead and went to sleep.  I had to work in the morning, you know.